Simple Life Hacks for Dog Parents

Simple Life Hacks for Dog Parents

As dog parents, it’s your duty to ensure that your furry little companion stays in great health and helps you stay happy as well. However, not everyone can easily care for their dogs. This is especially true if you’re new at dog parenting.

Don’t worry; here are a few life hacks that can make taking care of your dog much easier:

1. Winters can be quite tough for pets, especially since the cold and snow tends to make their paws chapped. So here’s a trick that can help you protect their paws; use Vaseline! It forms a protective barrier and avoids the chemicals from affecting them. After a walk, you can simply rinse it off!

2. Here’s something you probably didn’t know; dogs need scratching posts too! This is great for both the dog as well as the owners. You will find it easier to place a post to act like a giant file right outside after their bath. This can help them groom their nails and keep your furniture safe.

3. When you’re bathing your dog, you need to make sure the water doesn’t enter the ear canal and cause earaches. This can be done by placing a moistened cotton ball in the dog’s ears. You can dampen the cotton with baby oil and, once the bath is done, remove it from the ears.

Simple Life Hacks for Dog Parents

4. Overeating and obesity is quite common, even in dogs. Simply getting enough exercise wouldn’t do the trick; you need to ensure you regulate their diet by avoiding binge eating with your pet. It might be difficult but it’s something that absolutely must be done. Also, make sure that you purchase a food dispenser so that the amount of food remains limited.

5. Speaking of eating, every dog parents know that they are prone to eat anything that might come in front of them. Keeping that in mind, it’s important to be prepared in case they eat anything poisonous like chocolates or raisins. In this case, you can induce vomiting in dogs by using hydrogen peroxide. Remember, the dosage is important and that means you’ll need to give one teaspoon per five pounds of the body weight.

Simple Life Hacks for Dog Parents

6. Here’s another use of hydrogen peroxide; skunk smell! Dogs are friendly and curious, but other animals are not, especially skunks! If they ever come home covered with skunk smell, simply mix a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda and two teaspoons of liquid soap. This will work like magic and immediately get rid of the smell.

7. Puppies and constipation go hand-in-hand. Although it shouldn’t be a consistent problem, but if you ever have a constipated puppy then give them canned pumpkin without spices. That’ll help their tummy trouble! But if you face the problem constantly then there’s only one thing you can do, take them to the vet! Remember, your puppy’s health comes first and no amount of canned pumpkins can help a consistent problem.

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