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Simple DIY Dog Deterrent Sprays and How to Make it Safe for your Dogs

Simple DIY Dog Deterrent Sprays and How to Make it Safe for your Dogs

If you’re a dog owner, then you love every bit of the experience! Well…almost every bit of the experience. Disciplining your dog is probably the hardest task to do but it is still very necessary. When they chew up your furniture or run all over your vegetable garden, you have got to start using dog deterrents.

But using chemical ones made in the market may be too harsh and unsafe for your canine. Here are some great DIY dog deterrents that are completely chemical free and safe for your dogs!

1. Cayenne

Making a cayenne potpourri and putting it in a bowl on your furniture that your dog kept chewing is one great solution. Dogs are sensitive to cayenne and will avoid going anywhere near it.
In fact, you can even add 1 part cayenne to 9 parts of water and spray it over your vegetable patch or other such problematic areas so that your dog backs off. Make sure not to make it too concentrated, however.

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils are good for us and bad for them! Mix some essential oils like eucalyptus, green apple or cinnamon with water and spray it near garbage cans to stop your dog from flipping it over and chewing on it. You can even use this on other problem areas as this will keep the dog away and keep your house smelling fresh too.

3. Mustard Oil

Getting some mustard oil in itself is a great and safe dog deterrent and keeps your dog from hovering around.

4. Vinegar and Lime

There is no dog deterrent like vinegar. Dogs despise vinegar and that works to your advantage! You can soak up some vinegar with cotton and spread it around the problem areas. Using them around your shoe rack can really help.

However, they still might not be repelled by the shoes. What you can do in that case is mix some vinegar with lime juice and spray it on your shoes. This way, they will stay away from all your shoes.

Using vinegar can work just about anywhere but make sure to not spray it directly on your plants coz this will affect your plants. What you can do instead is grab some filter paper or coffee filters and soak them in vinegar. Let them dry up and then cut them into strips and place them around your plants to prevent your dogs from ruining your plants.

5. Ammonia and Alcohol

Ammonia and alcohol are both strong natural dog deterrents as well. You can use these just like vinegar. Get some cotton balls and soak them with ammonia and keep them in areas that you need your dog to stay away from.

6. Citrus

Citrus scented items usually keep dogs away as well. Take the peels of oranges and spread them around your flower garden or vegetable patch. You can even substitute this with cut up slices of lemon or sweet lime.

To keep your dog away from furniture, you can keep a glass of lemon water on a table next to the sofa and chairs. Another method is using citrus scented essential oils and mixing them with water. Spray this on your furniture and while it might be sweet, citrusy fragrance for you, it will definitely keep your dog away.

7. Dog Poop

This is not a joke! Dog poop is actually a very effective resource to prevent your dogs digging tendencies. Wherever you’ve seen your dog dig, place some dog poop there. They obviously won’t like to dig there. And once they’ve stopped digging in that area for a while, you can discard the dog poop and replace it with mud or soil.

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