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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


How to Recognize when your Pet is in Pain

Grumpiness or a sudden distress prevailing over your dog? Well here is all you need to know to be sure if your dog is healthy or not.

If lately your dog is being antisocial more than usual, is keeping human contact to minimal and is inactive generally, then there is a high chance something is up with your dog. If you notice further irregular eating patterns and changed preference to certain food items accompanied by a loss of appetite or decreased amount of water being consumed further. If they are extensively oversleeping which is done by dogs to minimize the feeling of pain, it can be a possible indication towards dental pain.

Your dog is likely to be vocal and bark more inclusive of howling voices if it’s in pain. Noticing that your dog is licking its paws extensively, it’s an indicator that they are trying to soothe themselves by keeping the wound clean and decrease the pain around the wound. Look out for cuts on your dog and if not found get an X-ray as it could be a bone fracture or internal pain.

If you find your dog to be breathing heavily or breathing too shallow, it can mean either something is causing hindrance in breathing or there is some metabolic reaction causing more oxygen by the dog.

An obvious sign would be limping or stiffness by your dog. It would refrain from going up the floor climbing stairs or show a slowed down performance in cardio or lacking enthusiasm in exercise. This happens usually when the paws are sore or there is an injury or it could even mean arthritis.

At times a serve restlessness and fidget is noticed in dogs, it is visible when your dog is uncomfortable hence this could also be an indicator that your dog isn’t too well. Swelling of the paws, legs, and face is an indication of torment that could be brought about by aggravation or disease. At the point when in torment, some dogs have an extremely inflexible and slouched position while others accept the ‘prayer’ pose with their front legs on the ground and their base noticeable all around. Dogs frequently take the ‘prayer’ position when they are experiencing stomach torment as it enables them to extend this zone.

If your dog is shivering, trembling, or shaking more than usual under normal temperature and warm conditions it can be alarming as it could be poisoning pancreatitis or kidney disease which caused it.

Since your dog is always on the run from place to place it can catch any disease from its surroundings hence a constant change of behavior in your dog’s daily routine can not only be alarming but also dangerous for the safety and health of your dog. If any of the symptoms are found in your dog make sure to stop by a vet this week and get a thorough check up of your dog in order to be on the safe side and prevent any further complications.

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