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Signs of Pains in Dogs

We know that you love your dog a lot and would go that extra mile to take good care of them. You may be able to look after all their apparent needs but since you and they do not have a common language, you may not be able to interpret what they mean in exact words. At certain occasions, you may have to read in between the lines – especially when it is regarding your furry fella suffering from any kind of pain! These are a few signs that can indicate easily that your dog is in pain. Be wary!

1.      A change in their sleeping, eating or drinking habits:

In order to try to heal, or the fact that the dog cannot be active like before – he begins to spend most of the day sleeping. Losing appetite to eat or even drink is a highly noticeable change, for most dogs love dog treats and they would not want to eat them anymore.

2.      Behavioral changes:

If you begin to notice anti-social behavior from your dog then it may be a sign! They may stop greeting you when you come home, quit playing, stay alone or begin to avoid eye contact. On other instances, they may also become aggressive with you; and this can be a serious indication since dogs never behaves in such a way with their human best friends!

3.      When they begin to take care of themselves a bit too much:

When the dog begins to take care of himself excessively, this means that he is trying to comfort himself. They replicate the act of nurturing themselves by licking their paws. You will be able to see the cuts evidently, but if the pain is internal; you will notice it through such signs.

4.      When they tremble or shake:

Trembling or being shaky is not always a sign of the dog feeling cold, or due to his old age. It can indicate symptoms of pancreatic or kidney diseases, in other cases, this can happen if they by chance have eaten something poisonous. Dogs who swallow chocolates, sugar-free sweeteners or moldy compost in large amounts may also begin to tremble due to muscle tremors and this is something you should take care of – it must be causing your dog severe pain.

5.      Agitation:

If the furry fella begins to pace back and forth a bit too often or shows signs of being restless, and is not very comfortable in his usual setting – then you may take him to the vet. He has something up for sure.

6.      Panting or altered breathing:

Panting for dogs is normal, but if they begin to pant heavily and more than usual, without even exercising, then this is alarming. However, not the instances where they breathe heavily is dreadful but when they breathe more lightly than before can also pose an indication of them struggling to breath properly.

Your dog is your responsibility and above all, close to your heart. Pay close attention to them!

Exercise caution!


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