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Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Can CBD Oil Help?

Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Can CBD Oil Help?

Separation anxiety is a common problem among our canine companions. While a little bit of whining when you leave is one thing, tearing up the house or spending 8 hours in a panic while you are at work is obviously an untenable and unsafe situation for our furry friends.

This article will explore a trending natural health product, CBD oil made from hemp, so that you can decide if it might be worth trying for your dog. In addition, we will offer some tips on what to look for in a high quality CBD oil for dogs.

First, a Few General Tips for Separation Anxiety

Before we dive into the main topic of this article, it is important to note that separation anxiety is complex behavior and can have a variety of different causes. Before you try any supplements, make sure you are doing what you can to address the problem behaviorally. Here are a few tips:

Physical Stimulation

If your dog is suffering from a lack of exercise, it can help to make separation anxiety worse because your pal has lots of energy to burn and is likely to be less relaxed than he could be as a result. If a daily walk isn’t cutting the mustard, then try visiting the dog park or going to a secure area to let your dog off leash to play some fetch and really burn off some extra energy. Even if you are only able to make time for 2-3 longer and more intense play sessions each week, it can make a big difference for your rambunctious Rover.

Mental Stimulation

Many dogs have high needs for being challenged on a mental level as well as a physical level. This is especially true of the herding breeds, such as Border Collies and Australian Shepherds. In fact, the smarter your dog is, the more they need to have some games and training sessions to learn new tricks and behaviors or practice old ones. Interactive dog toys such as Babble Balls also offer a way to get your dog thinking and moving at the same time.


Finally, look for ways to relieve boredom when you are away. The right kinds of toys can also help your dog to associate your absence with good stuff – especially if you reserve these favorite toys or treats for when you are away. Many dog owners have found that safe long lasting chew toys are an excellent way to keep their pooch occupied during a long absence.

Know When to Call a Pro

It is important to trust your gut and get a professional dog trainer on board if you sense that the problem has reached a level that is unsafe for your dog. Only someone experienced and trained in animal behavior can assess the root cause of your dog’s separation anxiety and help you craft a plan to treat it.

CBD Oil and Anxiety

CBD oil is an extract made from the hemp plant. Although it is technically in the cannabis family, this special strain is very low in a compound called THC, which is what causes the “high” associated with other forms of cannabis. It is safe for dogs, and it is high in another compound known as cannabidiol (a.k.a. CBD).

There has been a great deal of research on the anti-anxiety properties of cannabidiol on lab animals as well as humans. Unfortunately, research has lagged somewhat on dogs. However, many veterinarians and dog owners have found that this natural product does seem to help their dogs feel more relaxed in general. And some have also found that, combined with a training program, it can help with separation anxiety too.

Talk to Your Vet

Before you decide to try CBD for your dog, you should discuss it with your vet. First, as with any symptoms your dog may have, it could be signaling a medical condition that needs veterinary treatment. Best to rule anything like that out.

Second, CBD oil, in a way similar to grapefruit, can interact with the way other medications are metabolized in the body. If your dog takes other drugs to treat a medical condition, it is important to make sure the cannabidiol won’t interfere with that.

How to Find a High Quality CBD Oil

Right now, there are a lot of different companies making CBD oil for dogs. Unfortunately, not all of the products on the shelves are good quality. While it might be tempting to buy CBD off the shelf at your local doggie boutique, the problem is that you can’t know for sure if it is a high quality product or that it even contains the levels of CBD that it promises.

Buying online gives you a chance to do your research because reputable companies post third party lab results of their product right on the website. It also lets you learn more about the product and how it is made. Look for those made from organic hemp since pesticides and herbicides used in traditional agriculture can accumulate in the oil extracts. And, look for “full spectrum” hemp oil that includes other trace elements found in hemp that some researchers believe can boost some of the properties of CBD over formulas that only contain a CBD isolate.

For example, LolaHemp, a full spectrum CBD oil made from organic hemp, has batch testing for every single batch they produce available right on their website. Another reason to like LolaHemp? They have a strong commitment to animal welfare, donating one bottle for every 4 sold to a rescue dog in need through their partnership with several animal rescue organizations. If you are trying CBD oil for the first time, they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, a nice perk if you are unsure about whether or not it will help your dog.

Joey DiFrancesco is the founder of LolaHemp. He was inspired to offer a brand of high quality, full spectrum, organic CBD oil made with dogs in mind after his own rescue dog, Lola, saw dramatic improvements in both her anxiety and mobility after trying CBD oil.

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