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The Secret Languages of Dogs

The Secret Languages of Dogs

Communicating with your pet

Have you ever wanted your dog to talk to you? Well, he does it; just not in words. Studies show that the dog has its own way of communicating with its owners, like with other dogs.

Dog body language

Each dog owner will tell you that their four-legged relatives talk a lot with their bodies. Here are some typical signs that dogs use:

1. Face: Dogs will flip or smooth their forehead to show determination or confusion.

2- Eyes: The eyes of a dog illuminate when looking at a creature that he considers as a friend. When afraid, his disciples grow and he shows white spots.

3. Lips, teeth and tongue: if your dog is happy or wants to play, he may pull back his lips and show his teeth with a smile. This gesture is reserved for communication between people and dogs only. Dogs will not do this with other dogs.

4. Ears: When the dog’s ears appear to be raised, it means the dog is either listening or relaxing. If the ears are back, the dog might be signalling submission.

5. Tail: A recent study published in Current Biology shows how a dog moves a tail showing how it feels. If the tail moves to the right, it is a sign of positive feelings; the movement of the left shows negative feelings.

How dogs interact with each other

Dogs are social animals, and according to the expert, they communicate in a universal language with other dogs.

1. Dogs play on the beach.

2. Arc game: this means that they will play. However, this can also be a sign of apology; It’s a dog way to say, “Oops, I did not want to play so hard, keep playing!”

3. Paw Slap: looks like a person approaching you and slapping you on your back. This gesture puts the dog at an uncomfortable angle, which is also a sign that the dog believes in the dog he is playing with.

4. Raise the hind legs: when the dogs stand on the hind legs, this is a sign of love. It often looks like a dance when dogs do it together when they play.

5. Biting: Once again, it’s a sign of play. Dogs try to avoid sensitive areas on other animals.

Barking dogs

Like their owners, dogs like to talk. However, unlike physical signals, barking can represent different things for different dogs. The tone or volume of the bark will increase with the level of dog emotion.

And it can be that artificial intelligence is better to distinguish a dog from the back than a human. The Hungarian study recently tested 6,000 different breeds of 14 Hungarian shepherds using special software. Their research showed that the computer program accurately identified the dog trying to convey in 43% of cases, compared to 40% of people.

Understanding each other

We send our dogs to the school of obedience to teach them to understand what we want from them. But they also have to tell us what they need, every day. We just need to open our eyes, ears and hearts to understand what they are trying to say.

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