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Right Ways to Wash Nylon Dog Toys

You don’t want your dog chewing on a disgusting, dirty toy day after day. But, dog toys can be expensive. Not to mention how attached some dogs get to their toys. Instead of throwing dirty toys away, try cleaning them. Some toys can be saved from the garbage with just a little bit of work.

Dog chewing toy

Toys to Throw Away

A toy that’s been damaged should be thrown away instead of cleaned. No amount of scrubbing will make a broken toy safe to play with. If parts of the toy are dangling off or are completely missing, definitely throw the toy away. Any toy that’s been very heavily chewed should also be thrown away.


Nylon toys can be thrown in the dishwasher. The hot water will kill the bacteria on the toy, and the water pressure will remove things like dirt and dried dog slobber. If you put your dog’s toys in the dishwater, don’t use detergent and put it on the top rack.

Hand Wash

A nylon bone dog toy can also be cleaned by hand. Use hot water to kill as much bacteria as possible. When washing by hand, you can use soap to help get off the stubborn gunk.

Avoid Chemicals

Never use bleach or other chemicals to clean dog toys. If you miss a spot while rinsing, your dog could accidentally ingest the chemicals when it plays with its toys. Bleach and other chemicals can be extremely harmful to any living creature if ingested.

Dry Properly

Make sure clean toys are properly dried to avoid the formation of mold. Some nylon Flavorit dog toys and other similar toys have indentations or holes in them. Toys like those are especially susceptible to mold if not dried properly.

Despite your best attempts to clean your dog’s toys, some may be a lost cause. If a toy doesn’t come clean even after being scrubbed vigorously or put through a dishwasher cycle, it’s time to throw that toy away. Even if a toy looks clean, it may not be suitable for your dog to play with. After you’ve washed and dried your dog’s toys, give them a sniff. If they smell bad, they should be thrown away, even if they look clean. A foul smell means there are bacteria on the toy that couldn’t be removed.

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