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How to be a Responsible Pet Owner as a Student?

Are you a student constantly torn up between lectures and assignments? Do you hate leaving your friends behind when you return home? If yes, then bringing a pet home is the best you could gift yourself. More because, when you return to your pet’s love and excitement, all your worries are going to vanish.

Having a pet is indeed like having constant support. But taking care of it is a continuous learning experience for anybody involved. And the best time to learn is while you’re a student, isn’t it? While it is good to add a new member to the family, the student life can challenge the decision very well.

The reason why I’ve enlisted a few points for you to be a responsible pet owner as a student:

1. Be ready to multitask:

The first step to anything is always preparation. What if you have an exam tomorrow and you’re unprepared for it? Would you be able to score well in it? Similarly, until you are mentally prepared about owning a pet, how can you ever take care of it? Understand that you will have to multi-task the pet-caring routine with your day-to-day life. You have to take care of the pet as much as you need to take care of your lessons. As a student, your life will revolve around a busy schedule, but you have to take out time to balance everything. The key is to be able to cater to every commitment without compromising on any.

2. Provide the best amenities:

As a pet owner, you are a parent to your pets. So it is essential for you to provide your pet with their basic needs. From proper shelter to the right nutrition, it is your duty to provide your pets with the best of things. Consider using only pet-friendly food for the right nutrients. Not just that but also consider checking the water that you feed them. You even have to take care of providing a healthy and happy environment for your pet too.

How to be a Responsible Pet Owner as a Student?

3. Have a first aid kit:

Much like you own a first aid box for the family, keep one handy for your pet. It should be a separate clean box containing all the essential medicines and supplies. Always keep this first-aid box refilled for it is going to be your go-to savior in case of an emergency. Make sure you do not use medicines and supplies from the family’s safety box. It is essential to use only pet-friendly medications for of course animals aren’t humans, are they?

4. Socialize and pay attention:

How do you feel when you have no friends? Your pet feels precisely the same! Go out and make friends with other pet owners who walk their pets in public. In doing so, your pet will get a friend to play with. Also, you will be able to learn how the other owners take care of their pets. In case you don’t know how to start, there are so many pet-friendly walks and cafes to consider.

While you’re on it, remember to pay attention to your pet. Understand its patterns and preferences to be able to take care properly.

How to be a Responsible Pet Owner as a Student?

5. Track their health:

Your pet needs regular appointments with the vet as much as you do with your doctor. So make sure you visit the best vet to track its health. Be attentive to your pets needs while it grows. Take note of its requirements and any extra care if required. In case your pet is allergic to something, take the necessary precautions. Maintain a chart or a table to track how your pet keeping is up. Also, it is advisable to list down any changes required in the pet care process you follow.

6. Train them well:

The goal is not just to take responsibility, but also to ensure their growth. As a responsible owner, it is vital for you to train your pet in the best possible way. Your pet is like your baby, and hence, it is your duty to start teaching it at the right age. If you look forward to expert training, there are many institutions to help you with it too. But if you are looking only for basic training, you must take it up yourself.

How to be a Responsible Pet Owner as a Student?

7. Obey the Anti Rabies Act:

The Anti Rabies Act expects you to act more responsibly as a pet owner. Make sure your dog doesn’t go around defecating the neighborhood. Do not allow it to enter somebody else’s house and cause them trouble. Make sure it obeys you and follows your instructions carefully. Your dog can’t be allowed to roam freely in public places destroying public properties. You must use a leash to be able to follow the code of proper conduct. After all, you wouldn’t want your dog to infect others with rabies, would you?

8. Protect them:

Isn’t it our duty to assure our pets safety? You can’t afford to be careless about your pet at all. You’re supposed to protect it from harsh weather conditions to infections to germs. You also have to be extra careful about its health and protect it from diseases. You must consider getting your pet vaccinated against deadly diseases. Also, it is crucial to even neuter or spay to protect it from unwanted pregnancy.

How to be a Responsible Pet Owner as a Student?

In case, it is tough for you to manage your studies with the pet care routine, consider not having a pet at all. But if you already have one, make sure that you hand it over to the best suitable home, when you have to let go of it. Understand that owning a pet is a lifetime commitment. And as a pet parent or owner, it is your utmost responsibility to be compassionate so that your pet leads a paw-fect life!

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