Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


How the Relationship between Human and Pets Affects Well-being

More than 60% of American households are pet owners. Most of them love and care for their parents just as they would for any other members of the family. Are you one of them? Do you want to be? Close your eyes and imagine how things would be if you had a pet. It is likely that you see yourself throwing Dog Bones and having your furry friend fetch them for you. While having fun together is an important part of the relationship we have with our pets, it isn’t the only thing we get out of it.

Animals have been shown to play important roles in our lives. We have all heard of seeing-eye dogs, service animals, and dogs trained to detect seizures. If nothing else, they improve the quality of our lives with simply their companionship. Besides that, pets also bring more benefits like occupational and speech therapy that can help patients recover! Here are some more ways in which our relationships with our pets affects our wellbeing:

We learn mindfulness from our pets

You might have often see your dog laying on the floor. If the sun’s out, they just exist to indulge in a bit of sunbathing. That is their sole purpose of existing at that moment. They feel how the sun’s warmth warm their furry bodies. We could learn how to be mindful from our canine friends. Focusing our attention on something that is taking place at the present moment is known as mindfulness and pets are experts at it! Instead of worrying about so many things that could go wrong in the future, we should all try living in the present. Are you thinking of rushing off to buy Dog Toys for your pooch just for being a part of your life? Us too!

We can feel the stress evaporating

When we interact with an animal in a positive way, such as by rubbing Fido’s belly or letting Tinker Bell walk all over our face each morning, our physiological variables change. That means this interaction pushes away negative feelings of fear and anxiety. This isn’t true just for us, but also for the animal in question.

When the levels of anxiety go down, our body and mind become less vulnerable to other issues. Pets have been reported to help alleviate stress. With our lives being as stressful as they are, it would seem a good idea for everybody to get a pet!

Besides that, pets also help lessen any loneliness we feel and decrease social isolation! By caring for our pets, we are also making sure that we have emotional and social support for ourselves. The more secure we feel in our ourselves, the more likely we would be to create new connections and make friends.

Pets can strengthen our immune systems, so we get sick lesser and lesser. They are good for the heart literally and figuratively! With a healthier body, we are less likely to stay home. Instead we will find ourselves going out and interacting with other people. In other words, pets can even give our love and social lives a boost! Is there anything these furry babies can’t do? They deserve the best Interactive Dog Toys!

Cute Photo by @labrador.nelly

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