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How to Recognize the Signs of Stress in Your Pet

How to Recognize the Signs of Stress in Your Pet

Is your dog exhibiting an unusual behavior? Do they seem to be excessively stressed or anxious? If so, something most probably is wrong with them. Stress is pretty common among dogs and can affect your dog’s health adversely. Below mentioned are some common signs that will help you identify if your dog is under the weather.

1. If your dog is unusually clingy, tensed or distant, make sure you get them checked by your vet to see if something is wrong with them.

2. If your dog’s eyes are retracted way back to show some excessive white, it probably means your dog is under stress. On examination, if your dog has a crescent shape of white on looking from side to side, it is suggested that you allow your dog to rest for an extra period of time.

3. Although diarrhea and constipation usually suggest that your dog may have a bad stomach, but they are also caused by anxiety. If the diarrhea is severe and has been there for a longer period of time, get in touch with your vet immediately.

4. If your dog has suddenly stopped eating or eats lesser than usual, it could also be a sign of stress. This may lead to excessive weight loss and additional health concerns.

5. Look at your dog’s ears. Stress makes your dog’s ear stand up or may cause them to pull back and lay flat. The latter is more common. If this is an unusual change in your dog’s ear position, do not ignore it and refer to your vet.

6. Is your dog more interested in staying aloof? If your dog is increasingly finding time to stay isolated, they might be under stress or suffering from severe anxiety.

7. Is your dog excessively sleeping? You must have set a schedule for your dog and know what their sleeping and eating hours are. If your dog is sleeping excessively and stays lazy even after having long hours of nap, it’s most probably that they are under stress, injured or traumatized. Your dogs over lethargic behavior should be of concern to you, and you should refer to your vet immediately.

8. If your dog is unnecessarily shaking or shivering, it may be because they are cold or are under an immense amount of stress.

9. Is your dog excessively aggressive towards you as well as other animals? It may either be because they are irritated due to an underlying condition or are a lot of stress. This can also be picked up excessive curling of their lips, growling or snarling. Anxiety most commonly manifests as an angry, irritated dog.

10. Is your dog shedding more than he should? If you notice excessive dog hair lying around on your couch or your dog losing hair way too fast, it could very much be because they are under stress or anxious. Dogs shed hair most when they go to see their vet.

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