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How to Recognize When your Dog Is About to Bite: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Recognize When your Dog Is About to Bite A Step-by-Step Guide

How good are you at reading your dog’s body language? If you aren’t all that good, start practicing, because it will come in handy a lot. It is essential to recognize when your dog is feeling anxious, fearful, happy, sad or angry to prevent yourself from getting bit by them. Below mentioned are a few signs that you should look for to recognize when your dog is about to bite:

Growling and snarling

If your dog is growling and snarling at you, it is almost a 100% possible that the next thing they are going to do is bite you.  Dogs usually growl and snap to show their anger and irritation so if they are growling as you come close to them, move back and give them some space.

Excessively wagging their tail

It is important to differentiate between whether your dog is wagging their tail because they are happy or simply because they are angry. A dog who is about to bite stands with a rigid body with their tail pointing high moving back and forth quite quickly. According to several reports, this may be a sign of an impending dog bite.

Raised fur on their back

If the fur on your dog’s back are standing, you might want to take a step back. In some dogs, the hair in the neck region stand up only. Whereas in others, they might stand both in the neck and near their tails. If a ridge of hair is standing erect through an entire length of your dog’s back, you should take that as warning sign.

Body posture

Your dog’s body posture gives away a lot. Many times, just before becoming aggressive, a dog’s body stiffens up and becomes rigid. Their ears may stand up with their tails raised erect and high. On coming close to your dog, they won’t soften up to accommodate your presence and will remain stiff. You may take this as a sign and give your dog a little space.

Lip licking and yawning

If your dog is licking their lips even when food is not around or yawning excessively, they might be trying to make you aware of something. Especially if they are trying to avoid meeting your gaze, you should take it as a sign. This may indicate that your dog is irritated or uncomfortable and annoying them further may cause them to bite you.


If you find your dog in a crouching position and cowering, this may be a more evident sign to indicate that your dog is fearful. Being fearful doesn’t mean your dog is going to bite but it increases the chances of them doing so. So if your dog cowers away from you and has their tail tucked between their legs, make sure you maintain your distance with them before they harm you.

These are some of the warning signs that will give you a clue regarding your dogs, odd behavior and if they were about to bite you.

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