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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Reasons Shelter Pets Make the Best Pets

Reasons Shelter Pets Make the Best Pets

You save a life

Most pets are given up at shelters because they have behavioral issues or are incompatible with their owner. All animals at the shelter should be given a second chance and you can do so by adopting a pet from there. This way you provide them with a chance to a new life and a loving home.

Variety of animals to choose from

Many large shelters offer a variety of pets ranging from specific breeds to pets that were previously homeless. Most shelters have a lot to offer and huge variety for you to choose from.

Reasons Shelter Pets Make the Best Pets

Pets at the shelter receive good care

All animals present at the shelters are admitted by experienced staff. They are usually vaccinated and go through a thorough screening process for behavioral disorders. Any health conditions and illnesses are also taken care of. When these pets are handed over to you, complete information regarding any existing medical condition is also given to you to make you aware of it and teach you how to handle it.

Vaccination status

Pets coming from shelters have an up to date vaccination schedule. Generally, all pet shelters spray or neutralize new breeds. Dogs and cats eligible for adoption are always made sure to be vaccinated first. This not only saves you from an immediate visit to the vet but also saves your pet from contracting disease.

Trained pets

If you are looking to adopt a trained pet, search for older pets in the shelters. Training an animal requires you to invest significant amount of time with them and if you have a busy schedule, this could be a smart choice. Pets belonging to the shelters are trained by professional trainers and recognize commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ even if they are young. They are also usually housebroken, which can be a huge hassle at times.

Shelter pets bring you Joy

Adopting a pet from the shelters not only helps you bring home a companion but also becomes a source of happiness and joy. Pets have a variety of positive effects on the health including lowered blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc. Pets often open up opportunities for you to exercise and socialize as well.  So adopting a pet from the shelters is good for you and your health both.

Reasons Shelter Pets Make the Best Pets


If you are thinking of getting a pet, adopt them from a shelter without a doubt.  This will not only help you save money because these pets come at a lesser price as compared to new breeds but you may also be able to avail discounts. Shelters are not looking to earn profits, hence animals are sold at a really low price for you to be able to afford and provide a loving home for them.

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