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Reasons to Never Yell at Your Dog!

Your dog is your best friend and your best companion. We know that you are raising them like a baby and thus want the best for them! They are emotionally attached to you and get hurt more easily than any other pet. How wise do you think it is to yell at them? Even if they do anything wrong, yelling is never an option. We shall tell you why!

1. Your dog may gradually begin to fear you:

This is general and easily understandable. Yelling will lead to your dog receiving negative vibes from you. When the dog begins to notice anger in you, they may also grow apart from you. This will also weaken the bond you already have with your pet and this would not be something desirable. Even in the long run, your furry fella will have trouble in focusing on your instructions as they would constantly be expecting a back lash from you.

2. Your dog may become sneaky:

Yelling would not just simply make your dog do what you want him to. It will give an implication that this is something that you dislike, not something presumably incorrect! The dog will make sure about one thing only, that you are not around when he commits any of those mistakes. This will only increase the issues for you. For instance, you may end up finding his stinky surprises and spleen on the most unexpected locations!

3. It may affect your dog’s health negatively:

Yelling at your dog can lead to negative impacts on his physical and psychological health. Yelling will, put them under stress. This can lead to loss of weight, loss of appetite to eat, changes in his bowel movements, and frequent illnesses as far as the impact on physical health is taken into account. However, the psychological impact will include isolation, anxiety issues and even increase in aggressions – beware!

4. You might convey the wrong message:

Yelling will make your dog confused and will put across a message that one should and can show aggression on anything that they do not find correct. Yelling would not imply that they were wrong; but only that you as a dog owner didn’t like it – though that’s not the case!

So what should you do instead?

The first thing you need to make sure is that you put across a positive message – always! You may do different approaches depending on what triggers your dog to satisfy your expectations more. Try to speak positively and warmly to your dog. Try to tell him why it is incorrect or unacceptable. Kindness can win good games, especially when it is shown to a dog! On other instances, learn some encouragement techniques. You can establish a reward system for jobs well done, can give him extra dog treats when he avoids bad behavior. Get him a new a toy when he works on his mistake and doesn’t repeat it at least for two weeks.

On other occasions, ignore your dog. Once he figures out that you have begun to ignore him due to a certain act, he’d just stop doing it in near future. Your dogs need your attention and affection; they will go extra miles to get them.

In all occasions, don’t forget one thing! You have to remain calm and maintain your composure! Aggression gets you literally nowhere. And your dog? He has a baby hear, always treat them with kindness!

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