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Reasons Why Labradors Make Great Service Dogs

Labradors are one of the most cherished dog breeds in the UK and the USA. This breed is human-centric, and affectionate. This breed is full of energy and obviously incredibly cute! Also do you know that the Labrador breed does not originate from Labrador, but from Newfoundland, Canada?


The average life span of any Labrador is between 10 to 12 years. The Labrador pups are available in all colors, that too in one litter. These colors include chocolate brown, black and yellow! Apart from being a lovely pet, the Labradors make great service dogs. Let us tell you why!

1. These munchkins are impressively intelligent!

With unbelievable sniffing abilities and extraordinary hearing abilities, these cutie pies can hear any faint noise, that too from a distance. They have inquisitive problem solving abilities and have the innate trait of finding ways around things. This makes them best at guarding and are ideal for people suffering from listening, hearing or sight impairments.

2. They can be your kids’ best friend.

Labs allow themselves to be hugged, poked, and prodded. They will always come up with new activities and thus would never bore your kids. Also they are highly accommodating, so they adjust with kids of all ages well. They would love to chase you for hours and will be up to accompany your kids and play with them whenever they like!

3. Their temperament is remarkable.

You need patience when you are dealing with elderly and children. Thus if either the elderly or the children need a service dog around them, the dog also needs to know how to exercise patience. A Lab can do this job well. They have a balanced and calm personality. They are nowhere near to insecure, aggressive or hyper sensitive. They have a remarkable reputation as a family dog and thereby do well as a service dog.

4. Easily trainable creatures!

Every dog requires some kind of training for the job they are brought for. Even if it is to be a family member, they will require training to fit in – be it the basic one. Some breeds are generally hard to train, while others are not! Labs are extremely food-centric and food-driven. Get them a delicious dog treat and make them do whatever you like. In this way you can teach them to behave and act in a certain way.

These species have the urge to please their human companions and thus would do anything for them. This trait becomes handy when you want them to be fully committed to any kind of service.

A service dog is used for various purposes. They can function as a guide for people – specially elderly or blind. They can also assist as hearing dogs for people with hearing impairments. Their other services may include diabetes alert, seizure alert, psychiatric services and much more. For the set of qualities these Labradors possess, they become great service dogs.

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