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Reasons why Dogs are in Shelters/Rescue Centers

Many people have a misconception as to why dogs are in animal shelters/recue centers. The usual assumption is that the dogs are in shelters/rescue facilities because they were dumped there by their owners, or they were stray dogs roaming the streets and the shelter staff rescued them and brought them to the shelter. There is therefore a general attitude towards shelter dogs where they are viewed as unwanted or outcasts. The truth is that although in some cases the dogs were indeed stray dogs or dumped, most are in there for other reasons.

The owners might be moving to a different county or a different state where for different reasons they cannot take the pet with them. They might also be moving houses to either a bigger or smaller house in a neighbourhood or apartment building that does not allow pets. In that case they are forced to give up their dog to the shelter so that the pet can get new owners who are able to accommodate him.

Sometimes people develop health problems that don’t allow them to own and care for a dog no matter how much they love him. For instance if a person is living alone and for some reason has to be in and out of hospital for an extended period of time, it’s only fair to give up the dog to a shelter than leave him suffering alone in the house. Giving the pet up is best for both owner and pet because the dog gets to be in a place where he can get enough care and maybe get adopted, and the owner can concentrate on getting well.

Another scenario is if an owner gets incapacitated or dies. When a person dies and there is no one in the family in a position to take care of the dog, the family may decide it’s best to give up the dog to a shelter. Other times the owner may become incapacitated and the family feels it’s better to give up the dog for adoption while they concentrate on taking care of the incapacitated owner.

There are situations that can force people to give up their dogs as a show of love. Not because they don’t want the dog anymore but because their lifestyles have changed. Imagine the scenario of having a new baby and not having anyone else to help around the house. Having a newborn is stressful and requires one to dedicate a lot of time, energy and resources to the new addition to the family. Another change is having to take care of an ill family member. These changes in lifestyle can force owners to give up their pets so that they can concentrate on taking care of their loved ones while the dog gets a new home and new owners.

Other reasons include having other pets that don’t get along with the one they take to the shelter, or they adopt or buy a dog and realize they should never have owned a dog in the first place.

In all the above scenarios, the dogs are mostly from good homes where they get good care and are loved but have to be given up due to unavoidable circumstances.

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