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Reasons Why Dogs Need Chew Toys

This is one of the greatest mysteries of life: why do dogs need chew toys? Why does your best friend love to chew on bone than sit next to you on the couch and get an endless amount of belly rubs? What’s happening in that little hairy head that focuses on his/her toy to chew, as if it’s the biggest porterhouse in the world?

Before answering, please note: if your dog chews his/her toy, it means it won’t chop on your sofa. Moreover, chewing is a natural behavior with many benefits. For starters, chewing hard objects helps keep the jaw, teeth and gums clean of your puppy.

These are good reasons to support the obsession of your dog chewing on dog toys, but they do not actually explain the reason. It is difficult to get a direct response from the dog, but these are some of the most common theories that psychologists say about the eternal love of chewing toys.

1. Your dog is a puppy.
The age of a dog can make it more prone to chewing. Like the human baby with teething toys, puppies often chew, while their children’s teeth drop and the teeth grow older than adults. Make sure your dog chews the real thing, i.e. not your favorite shoes. Keep a lot of toys to chew and watch the type you like most.

2. Dogs just want to have fun.
This may seem obvious, but that is true: dogs enjoy the act of chewing. Like a dental version, it’s a game that never gets tired. Some dogs have developed a positive relationship with their chewing toys. If you introduced and praised him when they gnaw on their chews for the first time, that memory is based on himself. Like the human brain, the brain of the dog has a relaxation center that lights up when something is known that he likes it. This is a positive boost.

3. Your Dog is Seeking Comfort
Rover cannot always chew with joy. Many dogs show obsessive chewing behavior when they are worried. If your dog chews mostly when you are absent, he may have a feeling of separation. In this case, it is especially important to let him know that he can chew and what not, with the help of positive reinforcement exercises. Having a special toy he can carry in his mouth can comfort your puppy when he’s otherwise worried.

4. Your dog is bored.
If the dog does not get enough exercise or mental stimulation, he will often look for his own fun. Again, be happy that your dog has a favorite chew, except the carpet in his living room or in the dining room. But if you want to suggest other forms of stimulation, consider eating food in puzzle games, devoting a puppy game, or enrolling them into structured physical activity, such as cunning exercises or playing with the Babble Balls.

5. Your dog is either frustrated or stressed
If your dog can see another dog with something he wants to play and cannot, like for example if he wants to chase the lace, but he is behind the fence or if he is in a situation that makes him embarrassed or frightened, this conclusion is completely all right, just watch the behavior and make sure it does not become destructive. If the dog chews something that is not his when you are out of the room, do not shout at him when you see it. It will not establish a link between acts and delayed dimming. Besides, it will become even more intense. Handle the matter calmly.

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