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Reasons Why Dogs Jump on You When you Get Home

Dogs do not speak the same language as you do and hence they jump on you to communicate many different things. To put a light onto this behavior, below are the reasons why dogs jump on you when you get home. 

One of these reasons may be to grab your attention. Invariably, once they do jump on you, you end up diverting you attention towards them. On getting home, if your dog jumps on you, it couldalso be because they are excited to see you and have missed you. So it could just be a simple way to say hello! If your dog is close to you, it may also jump on you to get love or show love.

Another reason why dogs tend to jump on their owners may be to establish control and dominance. If your dog jumps on you and instead of doing so happily and playfully, they end pushing you away or cling to you, it may mean that they aren’t just saying hello to you.

Dogs are intelligent creatures. They tend to smell danger quickly. So if your dog is the kind who usually doesn’t jump on you and is doing so now, all of a sudden – you must pay attention to it. Take a step back to see if your dog is hurt or if anything else is out of usual. If jumping is registered as new or a change in usual behavior, then you should not take it lightly and look for possible anomalies.

Dogs also tend to jump if they have poor social skills. In order to communicate, they might just jump on any and everything. Some dogs just like to inspect and put their paws on everything. It might get better if you take them to new places and help them experience new things.

If you’re coming home with someone who is a complete stranger to your dog, your dog might jump on you out of fear and lack of confidence caused by the presence of a stranger.

If your pet loves to play and is usually very high on energy, it is possible that when they aren’t getting any exercise or a chance to play, they have a lot of pent up energy in them. When you come home and your dog jumps on you, it may mean that they simply want to go out and play because they are bored. You can make things better with them by taking them out on a walk or a run.

If you have issues with your dog jumping on you and it surprises you every time, you can make things better by ignoring them when they do so. Giving them a loveable response will obviously encourage them and being angry with them may make things worse. If your dog jumps on you, you can simply turn your back towards them to let their energy die down and also to show that you disapprove. Doing this for a couple of weeks will make your dog realize, they are doing something wrong and gradually they will stop.  

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