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Real-Life Stories Proving Dogs’ Loyalty

Real-Life Stories Proving Dogs' Loyalty

For reasons that still escapes many of us, loyalty seems to be wired in every dog’s DNA. They cry when we leave the house, they jump with joy when we return, and they endlessly fawn over us to get our affection. But while these behaviors are usually found in all canines, some pooches take their loyalty a couple of miles further. Check out some of the true stories below to find out more.

Capitán: A Canine’s 11-Year Vigil

For 11 long years, Capitán made his home at a memorial park to guard the resting place of his former owner Miguel Guzmán. The black Alsatian had been keeping vigil over Guzmán’s grave since his death in 2006, and attempts by family members to bring him back home proved futile despite the distance between their home and the funerary grounds. In time, cemetery staff and sympathetic neighbors made sure the faithful pooch is well-cared for by providing him with food, water, and other necessities. Capitán passed away in 2018.

Waghya: Joining His King in Death

Waghya was the canine companion of King Shivaji Maharaj, founder of the Maratha Empire in 17th century India. When the king succumbed to fever and dysentery in 1680, the mixed-breed dog was apparently distraught over his master’s passing. But rather than spend the rest of his life without him, he decided to join his master in the afterlife instead. He jumped into Shivaji’s funeral pyre and immolated himself. He would later be celebrated by future Indians as an epitome of eternal devotion and loyalty, with a statue of him erected near Shivaji Maharaj’s tomb at Raigad Fort and even a play entitled Rajsanyas written in his memory.

Bobbie: Finding His Way Home

During a family road trip in 1923, the Braziers’ two-year-old mixed-breed dog Bobbie ran away after getting jumped on by three other dogs. His family weren’t able to find him despite an intensive search and continued on their journey before returning home to Oregon, never expecting to see their pet again. However, Bobbie found his way home around six months later! Mangy, skinny, and dirty, the pooch miraculously survived being away from a home oriented to keep dogs warm in winter. He braved the harsh winter elements, crossing at least 2,551 miles of plains, deserts, and mountains just to see his the Braziers again. He spent the rest of his life with his beloved family and was buried with honors in 1927.

Tommy: The Dog Before the Altar

Affectionately nicknamed Ciccio by his community, Tommy was the pet of Maria Margherita Lochi and was his mistress’ constant companion when attending masses at the Santa Maria Assunta church in San Donaci, Italy. When Lochi died, the canine stood vigil during her funeral wake and later followed after her coffin during the burial. But his loyalty didn’t end there! Tommy went to the church daily after that and waited at the altar, hoping to see his Lochi again. The priest, not having the heart to throw him out, decided to have him stay during services. Tommy died in 2014.

Kelsey: Keeping His Master Warm

On New Year’s Eve in 2016, Bob decided to go for a jog after watching football, intending to get a log for his fireplace afterward. Things took a turn for the worse, though, and Bob found himself slipping and falling as soon as he got out. He broke his neck and, unable to move, laid in the snow for 20 hours as temperatures dropped to the mid-20’s. Luckily for him, his golden retriever Kelsey found him; the canine promptly went to his side and licked his face to keep him warm. Neighbors found him the next day and called 911. Despite having to undergo a major surgery, Bob survived the ordeal and was forever thankful to the doctor and Kelsey for saving his life.

Zander: The Unexpected Hospital Visitor

When Samoyed-husky mix Zander found out that his master John Dolan is confined at the Good Samaritan Medical Center in Islip, New York in 2012, he wasted no time in escaping the house and traveling more than two miles just to be by his side. Navigating complex neighborhoods, crossing busy highways, and even fording a stream, the 7-year-old, 70-pound canine was only stopped by an employee at the entrance of the hospital where Dolan is. The bewildered staff promptly called Dolan to notify him of his unexpected visitor, much to his surprise and delight.

Summing Things Up

These stories prove just how much faithful our canine buddies are to us. Whether it’s natural for them, or it just got developed after millennia of interaction with humans, a dog’s loyalty is indeed something everyone should cherish and be thankful for.

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