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Raw Bones for Dogs, Benefits and Safety

Raw dog bones are a great source of nutrition for dogs. They provide the right amount of minerals in different forms such as Phosphorus and Calcium. Dog bones help in having stronger teeth of dogs, and also make their bones strong.

Raw Bones for Dogs, Benefits and Safety

A good dog bone is made out of the right ratio of Calcium and Phosphorous. It can be given to dogs, between meals, as a form of treat, because dog chews on bones. They also help in maintaining the oral hygiene of dogs by maintaining the level of tartar formation in dogs’ mouths.

Benefits of Dog Bones

1. They are used to toughen and strengthen up the teeth of dogs. Dogs can bite on the bones as well as chewing on them, which acts as a great exercise for their mouths.

2. Chewing on dog bones helps in keeping plague away from dogs. Formation of acidity in dogs’ mouths, which is a causing factor of gingivitis, is also reduced when dogs chew on raw bones.

3. Most dog bones are organic, and are naturally made, full of protein and good nutrition. This helps in keeping the appetite of the dogs satisfied while they chew on the dog bones.

4. If dogs show a nervous behavior and constantly fidget, and keep chewing on daily household items, raw dog bones are a great distraction and keeps dogs entertained for hours.

5. Dog bones help in keeping the coats and the fur of dogs healthy and shiny. It is also a great food substitute for dogs facing stomach issues and are constantly throwing up or not having the required amount of nutrition in their diets.


Raw Bones for Dogs, Benefits and Safety



While giving a dog a raw bone to chew or bite on, it is important to practise some safety and precautionary measures.

– The bones should be properly trimmed so that no sharp piece of bone may hurt or injure dogs.
– The bones should be fresh. They can be either chicken, lamb, beef or turkey, as long as they are fresh, clean and correctly sourced.
– The flesh should be tender and easy to chew on. It should also be digestible by dogs and not disturb their digestive cycles.
– Cooked bones should be avoided as it may lead to problems such as constipation, mouth injuries, and more.
– The size of bones should be such that dogs do not directly swallow it and are able to break the bone down, without any issues or risk of choking.


Raw dog bones come with numerous benefits and are a great way to show love to dogs by treating them with one, every now and then.

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