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Why Quarantine is the Perfect Time to Get a Dog for the Kids

Why Quarantine is the Perfect Time to Get a Dog for the Kids

Let’s be totally honest. Staying in shelter, quarantine or isolation during the coronavirus is not the easiest challenge to handle, especially if you have a family that needs attention, schooling, something to zap away the boredom and create a positive outlook on life, etc. One of the best ways to lift everyone’s spirits is by getting a “pandemic puppy” or any age of dog for that matter. Talk about an amazing game-changer, a canine could be your family’s answer.

Hard To Resist Wagging Tail

Dogs bring new life into any space they enter. They are a daily joy to introduce into the family unit because they allow us to live in the moment and can help us cope with days of isolation, a missing social life, and any monotony that can befall any member of the family both young and old.

You can virtually connect with just about anyone and anything, but seeing that wagging tail right there with you and getting plenty of kisses and cuddles is good for the soul.

Furry Friend, New Schedule

The cool thing about getting an adorable furball companion during the pandemic is the new schedule you get to make for Fido. There are so many incredible dog breeds to choose from like Pembroke welsh corgi puppies These cutie-pie pooches are known for being playful, smart, and loyal to their families.

When you bring a puppy into your home, you are not only bonding with the newest family member, but you are creating a routine. You have control over your furry friend who needs feeding, walking, nurturing, and playtime. Instantly, your family’s world changes as you are forced to get off the couch and get a little fresh air.

Dogs Making Us Feel Good

If you’re hoping for an attitude adjustment as you wait out the coronavirus pandemic, a dog can brighten your children’s world and ease any anxiety you or your kids are feeling.
Psychologists say that numerous studies prove time and time again that dogs boost our physical, mental, and emotional health. Your family will feel better about life and gain a positive perspective thanks to your four-legged companion.

Animal expert and author Karen Winegar said this: “The human-animal bond bypasses the intellect and goes straight to the heart and emotions and nurtures us in ways that nothing else can.”

Forging Stronger Human Bonds

Not only does a new dog get us into action instead of moping around, but these amazing creatures also help us cement those powerful human connections with other family and friends.
When we communicate with the people that matter to us, a new dog can bring a calmness to our world and help us forget about the pandemic and all the angst and frustration we may be feeling.
Fido gives us structure and purpose as we maintain the canine’s daily routine. These beautiful animals make us laugh and appreciate the little things in life, and we reflect that in our human to human connections.

Pet Adoption, Another Great Option

There will always be homeless pets, unfortunately, but the coronavirus pandemic has established something spectacular.

Americans have been rushing to their local shelters online or curbside to adopt dogs and other family pets, and some are fostering these animals. People have stepped up in a major way.
If your family is looking to maintain a positive outlook and bring something exciting into the home during the pandemic, then getting a dog is the perfect time to act. Watch your quality of life improve with every wag of the tail.

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