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Puppy Vaccinations – What you Need to Know

Puppy Vaccinations - What you Need to Know

Vaccination for your dog is extremely essential to prevent deadly disease. It may require you to visit your vet several times in a month but it is totally worth it.

It is ideal to get your puppy examined by your vet as soon as possible. Your vet would look at your dog’s medical and vaccination history and advise you to follow a vaccination schedule accordingly. According to the guidelines of American Animal Hospital Association, puppies should receive routine vaccination at every two to four weeks between ages six to sixteen weeks.

Below mentioned is a list of vaccination that you should know about and should absolutely get for your dog.

Bordetella Bronchiseptica

This is an extremely communicable disease causing fits coughing, whooping, vomiting and rarely seizure and death. It presents with kennel cough. Vaccines come in form of injections and nasal sprays.

Canine distemper

The disease usually presents with respiratory, gastrointestinal or nervous system. It is spread via airborne droplets. This disease has no cure and it can only be treated symptomatically, hence it is extremely important to get your dog vaccinated for it.

Canine hepatitis

This is a very contagious viral infection that attacks the liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs and eyes. Mild disease is usually treatable but severe disease can become fatal and kill your dog. There is no cure to the disease and can only treated symptomatically.

Lyme disease

Lyme disease is a tic-borne disease caused by bacteria called spirochete. Affected dogs limp, their lymph nodes swell and they become feverish. Reduces appetite is also a common presentation. Lyme disease affects the heart, kidneys, joints, and causes some serious neurological disorders. It can be helped with antibiotics but only if diagnosed early.

Parvo virus

Parvo virus attacks young puppies more commonly and is known to cause infection in the gastrointestinal system. Your dog loses its appetite and vomiting, fever and severe diarrhea accompany. Extreme dehydration can kill your dog within 24 hours. There is no cure to the disease so keeping your dog well hydrated remains the only option.

Puppies are normally vaccinated at eight and ten weeks with the second dose given two to four weeks later. A booster vaccination maybe required at six to twelve months of age.
Different vaccinations last for variably periods of time. Your vet provides you with the record on a card. You can use to keep up with their vaccination schedule and see a doctor in case needed.

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