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Puppy Training Mistakes

Does your dog speak your language or do you speak his?

Training your puppy is a learning experience for you and your dog. You’re both teachers and, at the same time, you’re both students. Work at developing a relationship based on love, respect, and mutual understanding at all times.

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Here are some common mistakes and solutions to achieve that fun happy relationship with “Man’s Best Friend”.

1. Calling your puppy only when you want to put a leash on him

It is true that a leash is an effective tool for training. Avoid stubborn or anxious behavior of your puppy when the leash is in sight by using a happy voice to call him. You can also reward him with excellent dog treats or hisfavorite toy. “Come, Puppy!” should be practiced daily. Call him, reward him, lethim go. Don’t let “Come,Puppy!” be his cue that returning to you always means a trip home.

2. Hustling your Puppyback into the house after he eliminates

Training your puppy to pee or poo at particular time can be hard. This can take a lot of time, however applying the reward system can be effective. Remember to allow him time to check out the yard at his leisure. This can give him a reason to pee immediately: take him for a walk when he’s done what you wanted.

3. Pushing his nose in household mistakes

Shouting at your puppy can cause trauma and anxious behavior to yourpuppy. If you catch him in the act, say “No! Outside!” and let him outside immediately. Reward him when he does what you want.

4. Being inconsistent

Consistency is key! Keep the lessons short and enjoyable and run through them at least once daily. If it’s snowing or raining or you’ve come home late from work, practice the exercises in the house.

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5. Refusing to learn new tricks

If your puppy doesn’t understand what you want from him, you’ll have to re-think your training techniques and methods of communication.

Puppy Training Mistakes

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