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Protection Dog Vs. Alarm System – Which is Better for Protecting your Home and Family

Protection Dog Vs. Alarm System - Which is Better for Protecting your Home and Family

Home and personal security are at a premium right now. Technology is surging but is still trying to keep up with the demands of the modern home security industry and its consumers. Protection dogs are becoming more and more popular but there are still things that man’s best friend simply cannot do.

Meanwhile, burglars are getting more sophisticated and clever. What is a homeowner to do? The truth is that neither option is infallible. Alarm systems and protection dogs both have their ups and downs.


You have the variable of the crook. How ruthless are they willing to be? How much are they willing to risk?

In the end, the question, ‘is a protection dog or alarm system better for protecting my home and family?’ is a subjective one. It will depend on the location of your home, what you feel most comfortable with and the needs of your family.

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of each option.

Alarm Systems: A Tale of Passive Protection Vs. Active

Alarm systems have come a long way in the past decade. Many modern home security systems come with advanced video surveillance technology and can alert you via mobile apps when your home is being entered by an unauthorized party.

But, this is the passive approach to home and family security.

On the plus side, almost all alarm systems alert local police when there is an intrusion. Having the cops on the scene of a home invasion as soon as possible is always a good thing.
Alarm systems also make very loud noises, alerting not only you but the burglar and your neighbors. It takes a village, right?

Having video surveillance footage of the burglar and the burglary is also helpful for identifying, capturing and pressing charges against the perpetrator. Outdoor video cameras are even helpful for identifying the license plate numbers and vehicle that the suspects used in the act.


These are all passive security methods. There are no alarm systems that can take the offensive for you. Average police response times are somewhere between 9 and 13 minutes, loud noises won’t do anything for a burglar with a strong resolve to get into your house and video surveillance footage is only useful after the fact. In reality, alarm systems don’t do anything for the immediate protection of your family.

Protection Dogs: The Active Mode of Security

Protection dogs can be trained to do amazing things. They aren’t just guard dogs who bark at intruders anymore. They are trained to alert, react, provide forceful protection and even disarm intruders until the police can arrive on the scene.

So right off the bat, protection dogs can help defend you and your family against a violent burglar. While they are unable to contact authorities, they do bark loud enough to alert you and probably your neighbors as well.

Protection dogs are trained to sense intrusion before it happens. Most security systems only go off when a window is broken or some kind of forceful entry occurs. A protection dog can hear, smell and feel a burglar scaling your fence before they have a chance to actually get into your home.

Most burglars look for low-hanging fruit. They want the easiest and quietest target possible. Protection dogs can negate a home invasion altogether due to their presence and their barks.
Where protection dogs are lacking is in the arena of presence. If you and your family go on vacation for an extended period, you will probably board or have a friend take care of your protection dog.

An alarm system can be left alone and remain vigilant when you are not around. Protection dogs can’t

We may get so close to our furry friends that we can almost tell what they are thinking by just looking at their faces, but they still can’t speak to us. They won’t be able to tell you or the authorities what the intruders looked like or what kind of car they drove whereas an alarm system with a camera can.

So Which is Better?

There really is no clear-cut winner here. Both security systems and protection dogs have their place in the grander home and family protection arena. Dogs offer more active protection…when you are around. Alarm systems are more passive but they offer protection when you are away.

At the end of the day, the best option is to have both. Imagine having your protection dog detain an invader long enough for the police to arrive after being alerted by your security system.
Imagine being able to stop a burglar before he even thinks of breaking into your home and having video surveillance footage of even the boldest and most reckless perpetrators.
Protection dogs and alarm systems work in tandem beautifully to offer complete home and family security; which is why it is better to have both.

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