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How to Protect your Chairs from Cat Scratches

Scratching comes as naturally to cats as hunting mice. It is their way of marking territory and saying ‘I was here’. They also scratch when they are playing and when stretching. When a cat is bored or frustrated, he expresses these feeling through scratching. In addition, scratching serves to sharpen their nails, which they need for climbing on things and for holding down prey.

All cat lovers adore their cats but find this scratching habit annoying. Since it’s an inherent habit and cats can’t help it, the onus is on the car parents to provide alternatives to prevent scratches on their lovely furniture.

Buy your cat a scratching post to do her scratching. The post’s outer cover should be made of a sturdy enough material such as sisal to withstand all the scratching. Place the post in the area you and your family the most spend most time so that your cat won’t feel like he has to leave the room to do this task he finds normal.

You can deter cats from scratching your sofas by spraying them with a citrus based spray. Since cats hate citrus, they will avoid coming anywhere near the furniture to avoid the smell. Continue spraying the furniture items during the training phase until the cat associates the sofas with that horrible smell.

When you are trying to train the cat to stay away from your furniture you can wrap the furniture with aluminum foil. Just like citrus spray, foil feels and sounds awful to cats. Your cat will jump off the sofa as soon as he sits on the foil and it makes the awful noise, and your sofa will be saved for the day. Continue covering the furniture until the cat just prefers to scratch the scratching post and not your expensive furniture.

Trimming nails regularly minimizes destructive scratching too. However, trimming is only advisable if the cat does not spend too much time outdoors. If he spends almost all his time outdoors it’s better to try the other methods first because the nails are useful to a cat that spends time outdoors.

There are nail covers in the market that are made from vinyl. These covers are designed specifically to protect your furniture from scratches. You can purchase them and replace them after even four to six weeks.

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