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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Flavored Nylon Antler Dog Chew Toys Made in USA

Antler Smoked Cheese Flavor

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Antler Chicken Flavor

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Antler Penut Butter Flavor

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Antler Liver Flavor

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Pet Qwerks Flavored Nylon Antler Dog Chew Toys are proudly Made in USA. Give your dog a chew toy that they’ll love to play with every day. And why not add some exciting flavors into the mix? Reward good dogs with great toys like the Nylon Antlers by Pet Qwerks Toys, which combine beloved flavors with fun shapes for endless variety of chewing enjoyment.

Pet Qwerks Nylon Antlers are designed to provide a safe alternative to a natural favorite. Inspired by real Elk & Deer antlers. Eliminate the risks of bone fragments and broken teeth with these durable nylon antlers. These tough nylon dog toys help dogs connect with their natural instincts without hurting themselves. They’re sure to keep your dogs entertained for hours. Best of all, these ballistic nylon dog chews are great for aggressive chewing session while the Wood Antler dog chews are for your moderate, gentle chewer furry kid.

They deliver a satisfying chewing experience while helping to clean your pup’s teeth and freshening breath. No preservatives or chemicals added, which means that these are all 100% safe dog chew toys. You can’t say that for every toy or treat you find in stores. Pet Qwerks Nylon Antlers dog chew toys do not break or splinter.

They’re generously flavored with liver, chicken, smoked cheese or peanut butter, and come in 4 sizes for small, medium, large and X Large. Choose the size that best suits your dog, from antlers for large dogs to puppy teething chews  for the smallest furry friends. If there are multiple dogs in your household, you should always buy the size suitable for the largest pet.

Your dog can now enjoy the antler chewing experience without the shards or sharp points of natural antlers.

All nylon antler chew toys are 100% made in USA. All components are sourced in the USA, FDA-compliant

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