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Preparing for Flea and Tick Season

Preparing for Flea and Tick Season

If you like to walk your dog along paths that have a plenty of trees, weeds and giant grass during spring, it can cause you some major trouble with the fleas and ticks. During late spring and summer, tick season is at its peak and this is the time, your pet might be a little extra excited to go out. So proper precaution needs to be taken to keep your pet safe from ticks and harmful disease they can spread.

Luckily there are many ways for you to make the warmer season less hectic for you and your pet and more safe. Some of these are included below:

1. Make sure you walk your dog in areas where trees and grass are well cut. It is important for your dog to live and walk in a healthy surrounding. To provide a surrounding where your dog is clean and well maintained, make sure you clean their outdoor dog houses on a regular basis. For indoors, use insecticides to control larvae growth and flea eggs.

2. To prevent fleas in your garden, spray nematodes solution which works great against the fleas and remains harmless for your pet.

3. Fleas and ticks are especially attracted to bird feeders and birdbaths. Keep them far away from areas that are frequently visited by your pets. Make sure, you prevent the sharing of your pet’s water and food with outdoor wildlife and insects.

4. Make sure that garbage bins are kept as clean as possible and properly sealed. This dramatically decreases the amount of fleas due to reduced number of wild animals.

5. Oral flea and tick treatments are some of the most readily available options. They can be administered on monthly or yearly basis. Oral medications are an ideal tool to kill fleas instantly. They are highly recommended for dogs that are already infested with ticks.

6. You can also use tick collars to prevent fleas and ticks. They are worn by your dog almost all the time and act as repellents to for fleas and ticks on dogs.

7. Tick shampoos are also available in the market. So if spring is just around the corner you better stock up on them. It is always wise to use it while giving your dog a bath to kill fleas and ticks right away. Make sure you bathe them right after they’ve come back from a walk or from a hike.

8. Make sure if you are using any products, don’t mix them up and use products meant for dogs only on dogs.

9. Before using anti-tick products read the instructions and follow them carefully. Use the right quantity, being careful of not using too much. Keep an eye on your dog, especially if you are using the product for the first time, to look for allergic reactions or common side effects. If your dog starts to vomit or becomes excessively irritable, wash off the product, and seek your vet’s assistance.

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