Preparations to Make Before Leaving Your Dog in a Boarding Kennel

Sometimes despite how much you love your dog, you have to part ways for a short while. For instance if you have to travel for business, it’s better to leave your dog in the hands of professionals trained and experienced to handle dogs in boarding kennels. This way, you can rest assured your pet is well taken care of. In addition, leaving the dog behind saves you the hassle of travelling with a dog and looking for hotels that allow dogs in their rooms.

The first step is of course finding a reputable kennel and visiting it beforehand to make sure their standards suit your needs.

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If you are anticipating a long period of separation, it’s wise to take the dog for a short session to the kennel for familiarization, for example two days or a weekend. This ensures that when you finally leave your pet at the facility, it won’t be the first time he visits, and the familiar environment will reduce separation anxiety. This familiarization period can also serve to help you decide whether or not you still want to leave your dog in the hands of the staff members for a long period of time based on the kind of care they give your pet.

Make sure your dog’s vaccination is up to date to ensure he does not endanger other dogs. Also mention to the caregivers any unique medical attention your dog may require, and if he has peculiar behavior let the careers know. This way, they will be prepared in case of an illness or know how to handle your dog when he starts acting up.

If your dog is on a special diet, remember to take the food he requires to the kennel before you leave. If he has a special feeding schedule, for instance if he only eats once per day because he is old and you don’t want him to be obese, let the staff know this too.

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Since the dog will be living in close proximity with other dogs, make sure you give him proper socialization. Take him for walks or to dog events where he will meet other dogs. Observe how he behaves near other dogs and if there are issues such as aggression, seek the services of a trainer to iron them out.

When the day comes, be prepared to just drop the dog and make a quick exit. The longer you linger around the kennels, the longer it will take your dog to get used to his new temporary home. So avoid long farewells and leave even if you feel like staying. You’ll see your pet again soon enough.

Preparations to Make Before Leaving Your Dog in a Boarding Kennel

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