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Pondering Pet Protein: How Much Protein Your Pet Should Get

Pondering Pet Protein: How Much Protein Your Pet Should Get

Protein is a crucial component that should be present in your pet’s diet. Just like it is important to humans (whereby we add keto protein powder to meet our protein needs), it’s equally essential to your dog, cat or any other pet. The amount of protein in the food you give your pet matters. In case your furry friend does not get enough of it, he might end up becoming overweight.

A keto diet features low carbohydrates, moderate protein, and a high amount of fats. It enables you to burn excess body fat efficiently. Most foods that have a lot of nutrients tend to be sources of carbs, such as yogurt and fruits. Therefore, with a keto diet, carbohydrates are limited.

At times, a pet doesn’t add weight as a result of consuming a lot of calories. Instead, the calories are derived more from carbohydrates. For instance, suppose we only eat bread, then probably we will accumulate excess weight, even if we consume foods in which calories are regulated.

The Right Amount Your Pet Requires

How many grams of protein does a cat need per day? This is probably a question that you’ve asked yourself (if you’re a cat owner). As to dogs, this is also a burning issue. Different animals require various amounts per day.

When it comes to cat food protein comparison with that of dogs, for instance, felines need 2 grams of cat protein for each pound of ideal body weight daily. Dogs, on the other hand, require 1 gram for every pound of ideal body weight per day. Felines are generally carnivorous while canines are omnivorous; therefore, they do not need lots of it in their menu. A good example: an 8-pound cat requires 16 grams every day, while a 25-pound dog — 25 grams. Keep in mind that an overweight animal needs the amount intended for their ideal body weight. For example, a dog that is 40 pounds, yet it’s supposed to be 33 pounds, requires 33 grams daily.

What Happens When My Pet Does Not Get an Adequate Amount?

Pets that aren’t given adequate protein may encounter various health issues such as loss of weight and muscles. Luckily, deficiencies as a result of diet are uncommon in pets. They don’t typically happen when top-quality commercial foods are given to the pets (for instance, feeding a kitten hydrolyzed protein cat food). Furthermore, pets that consume foods without animal protein included might end up lacking adequate amounts.

Supposing Your Pet Consumes More Than It Requires?

Giving your pet food, which has more protein than what the pet requires, doesn’t bring about any health benefits (for instance, giving your feline cat protein in excess). Nonetheless, for a healthy pet, any extra won’t probably do any harm. The body will simply break it down then it will be excreted via urine. For some health conditions, a surplus can aggravate the disease process: liver and kidney diseases are 2 typical conditions.

Cat Protein Allergy

Cat protein allergy happens when the body of a feline becomes highly sensitive to the protein in their diets. All cats can have these allergies, irrespective of whether you give it commercial clean protein cat food or a homemade one. Some of the products felines can be allergic to include eggs, dairy products, and beef. You must ascertain what exactly causes adverse reactions in your cat.

Conclusion: There you have it. Remember, protein is a vital element in your pet’s diet. It offers the essential amino acids necessary for making your pets healthy and active. Have you been giving your pet the required protein amount? Please share your experience with us in the comment section!

Author’s bio: Adam Reeve is an experienced veterinarian and an animal nutrition expert who has been in this field for 5 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine. Adam is passionate about animal health, and regularly writes articles about it. He currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri, with his family.

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