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How to Pick the Best Dog DNA Tests

How to Pick the Best Dog DNA Tests

There are many different DNA testing kits available in the market and each has a unique feature that makes them different from the other. In order to choose the best DNA kit for your dog you can take following points into consideration:

1. Accuracy of the testing kit: accuracy of your DNA test kit shows how close the results are to the real value. The only way to make sure that the kit is accurate is by reading up on the research and clinical studies done using it.

2. Range of genetic conditions the kit tests for: the greater the number of health risk factors a test checks for, the better. A good DNA test checks for around 150 and more different kinds of health factors.

3. Efficient delivery: most DNA tests provide with a report within 2 to 3 weeks generally. Some companies may take even longer than that but it only makes sense since conducting a numerous amount of tests is time consuming. Hence if some company delivers a DNA test within a week or less, they may not be a very reliable source. Then again it depends on the type of information you have requested them to obtain. For an accurate and detailed analysis it will definitely take longer.

4. How big a company’s database is: a company’s database places an important role in providing detailed information. There are databases that contain as low as 95 breeds while there are many who offer a lot more. The bigger the database, better the chances of providing detailed and more accurate information. By choosing a manufacturer with a huge database will not only allow you to obtain crucial information but may also reveal things that you may not expect.

How does a DNA test kit work?

After choosing a kit that is best suited for your dog, take a swab or two from the insides of your dog’s mouth. Do this after they have eaten and after you have given a break of 30 minutes. You should be able to collect as much DNA-laden saliva as possible. Make sure your dog doesn’t bite on the swab. Let the cotton swab dry and then send it for testing.
The response time is different and may take up to seven days to eight weeks. The company will keep you updated via emails and will inform you about a provisional report and then a final report.

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