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What a Pet’s Tooth Cleaning Looks Like?

What a Pet's Tooth Cleaning Looks Like?

A dog with shiny and happy smile is all you need to make your day.

1. Buy a canine toothbrush and a digestible toothpaste

First and foremost is to buy a canine toothbrush and a toothpaste for your dog. The dog toothbrush must be soft and should match the size of the mouth of your dog, it is recommended it use canine toothbrush because they prove to be more angled and come in a fees able finger size. It is likely that your dog will swallow the toothpaste because of course you can only expect enough from dog training, so buy a toothpaste which is digestible. Make sure you do not use the same toothpaste as you use, because fluoride in human toothpastes is poisonous for dogs.

2. Teeth wipes – an alternative

If you’re running late, you can also use wipes which also serves the purpose of wiping away the plaque which might have been accumulated on the gum line or the teeth, you can find this at the nearest pet store.

3. Use a proper technique

Don’t be harsh or brush vigorously, brush in circular motion and deal with two teeth at a time because being too fast can cause bleeding or irritation in your dog’s gum. At first your dog might be resistant for brushing his teeth but gradually he will get used to it, make sure to be gradual. That would lead to consequences as the next time you go near your dog to brush its teeth it is likely to move away or bark. if there is bleeding post brushing, you should feed your dog with dry food rather than sticky or soft food, because that can stick on the teeth and cause plaque.

4. Dental treats and chewing bones

Synthetic bones and chew toys are particularly designed to make your dog’s gums and teeth stronger. Just make sure the objects are not too hard neither are they too sharp because that can cause bleeding gums and broken teeth. Letting the dog chew on bone can prevent buildup of plaque and make the teeth stronger.

5. Alarming signs

If you notice blood stains on toys your dog’s licks or chews, check its mouth. If you can smell bad breathe or observe a changing eating habit accompanied with sore gums and mellow vibe from your dog. Then make sure to check the vet. Even if you notice crooked or misaligned teeth make sure you hit the vet, to avoid further complications which can prove to be fatal.

6. The do’s and don’ts

Make sure you look after what your dog is consuming, because some toys and things are coated with harmful substance, and if a dog consumes it then it can cause health problems. Don’t feed chocolates or any other food which is not labeled for safe consumption by dog because there are a lot of things which are appropriate for human consumption but can prove to be fatal for dogs as they can cause deterioration of teeth, hence treat your dog but treat it with the right food to keep him healthy. Even with healthy teeth it is recommended that you check your vet every 6 months for a dental examination.

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