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Pet Shedding – Root Causes Along With Things A Pet Parent Need To Know

If you’re a pet owner since long time back, then you might have came across those fallen hair all around your home and sometime even on your couch and in kitchen.

Well, in this article, I’d like to share some nooks and crannies of the term called “Hair Shedding”

Yeah, many people misinterpret “Hair Shedding” with “Hair Loss”.

Obviously, both the terms have their own meaning and both are almost different than each other. Also, to help people understand this natural cycle and tackle it appropriately is our mission at PetHairGuard.

So, let’s first understand the difference between these two highly correlated terms.

Hair Loss:– When a pet lose its hair due to some external factors such as nutrition, hormones, allergies, or infection then such situation is better to refer as hair loss and not as shedding.

Hair Shedding: – When a pet replace its coats naturally by losing its existing hair so that new hairs could grow well, such situation is better to refer as hair shedding and not hair loss. Hair shedding is more of a natural process and there’s nothing to panic about.

To make hair shedding phenomenon easier to understand, let’s dive deep in hair growth life cycle.

Natural Way Of Replacing Clothes (Coat) In Pets – Hair Grow Life Cycle

Be it a human, or a pet; all hairs pass through same natural cycle of hair growth. Yeah, for easy understanding researchers have divided this cycle in four stages, which is as follows.

  • Phase 1 :- Anagen Phase – This phase is the first and foremost in hair life cycle, where hairs are in its active & earlier stage of its growth.
  • Phase 2 :- Catagen Phase – During this phase, previously grown hairs will reach upto its maximum length and will no longer be capable of growing more.
  • Phase 3 :- Telogen Phase – While in this phase, hairs will be dormant and its root will get more attached to the body, however in this phase hairs won’t grow actively.
  • Phase 4 :- Exogen Phase – This phase is last phase or growth life cycle, and, in this phase hairs will reach its lifespan and will shed from the follicle or body, and entire cycle will restart from the beginning.

In below video, whole process is explained in detail. Have a look!

So, now, whole process will be clear in your mind. When you pet’s hair won’t be able to grow more, it will simply lose its end and will fall apart. Good thing is, it will start growing again.
However, as a responsible pet parent, we often misinterpret hair loss with hair shedding and our pet suffer.

So, Now question is, How to know if its shedding or hair loss?

Well, one way is to identify whether you’ve recently changed anything from pet’s routine or diet? If not then it might be shedding. However, shedding takes around 15-20 days and your pet is losing hair for more days than that then you should quickly approach your vet and check what’s the issue.

Also, shedding don’t keep on happening, once all the hairs replaced it will take around 6-8 month for next shedding season to arrive for your pet. So, in case, your pet is losing hair consequently every month or two month then too you should approach your vet to clear out the root cause.

Moreover, I’d like to clarify that, shedding is natural so it doesn’t mean that you should not pay proper attention to your pet or hygiene.

Yeah, here’s few tips to keep in mind while your pet gets done with its natural hair replacement.

Things A Pet Parent Needs To Know About Pet Shedding Care

Diet :– During shedding process your pet needs diet highly filled with protein and omega 3 fatty acids. So, prefer to feed them with salmon oil, fatty acid edible tablets, omega 3 oil etc.

Grooming : – Regular grooming is must to spread any infection that is possible from dead hairs. So, don’t let dead hairs to stay on your pet’s coat and always prefer to keep your pet hair free. You may use, light combing brush during this process, so, newly grown hair don’t fall apart.

Water Intake : – While shedding process your pet needs more water then usual, so, 24X7 access to fresh water is must to help them grow big and strong coats.

Bath : – During summer season, provide your pet with weekly bath so that its weak hairs gets removed easily. However, during winter season avoid weekly bath and prefer bi-weekly bath during day time when sun is shining at its best.

Clean Environment : – As said earlier, your pet should not be in contact with dead hairs for more time to prevent inflectional hair loss. So, always prefer to clean your pet’s hair with a strong handheld vacuum regularly. Also, for surfaces like carpet and couches prefer to use carpet cleaner and don’t let a single dead hair stay inside your house.

Hygienic Atmosphere : – As harmful bacteria will be at its best during this process, prefer to use a strong air purifier to keep your house hygienic and fresh. Also, use anti allergic treatment inside your house.

So, this was all about hair shedding and things to keep in mind while your pet pass through this natural process.

However, in case of Hair Loss as well there are few things to keep in mind and we’d like to help you understand about root causes of hair loss as well. Yeah, I’ll prefer to mention solution along with each cause. So, Don’t worry!

Root Causes of Hair Loss In Pets (Excessive Shedding in layman term) with Solutions

1. Paracites (Fleas or Ticks) :- In majority of the cases of excessive shedding this cause was the victim according to vets. Yeah, generally these parasites are a major problem that cause your pet itch the skin back and forth. While itching your poor pet lose an ample amount of hairs for no reason.

Pet Shedding - Root Causes Along With Things A Pet Parent Need To Know

Solution:- I’d recommend to visit your vet once, as he could identify amount of parasites on your pet’s body and could prescribe suitable medication. However, generally it’s an anti-flea shampoo, oil or lotion and in some cases where fleas are lying near neck area, your vet will prescribe a strong anti-paracite collar for your pet.

2. Side effect of allopathic medicines (Recent Medication) :- In case, your pet has gone through a recent medication for some reason then it could be probably of side effect of those allopathic medicine.

Pet Shedding - Root Causes Along With Things A Pet Parent Need To Know

Solution :- Approach your vet, ask him for remedy of that reaction and he’ll prescribe an appropriate medication. This time, he’ll most probably prescribe a homeopathic medicine.

3. Excessive Licking :- To keep themselves neat and clean, our pet often keep on licking at few places. And, this excessive licking could result in infection and could lead your pet to excessive hair loss issues.

Solution :- Give your pet regular bath, clean them properly. This is a preventive measure, so, in case your pet has already started losing hairs excessively due to this reason then to heal that infection will be a wise move. So, approach your vet and he’ll prescribe an according healing measure.

4. Fungal Infection :- If any bacterial or fungal infection has started adapting on your pet’s body then too, your pet might start shedding heavily.

Solution :- The only solution is to visit your veterinary as regular visit is essential for a pet owner and ask him for solution instead of taking others advice. Yeah, because this infection could be different in each pet and what worked for someone might not work for you. Even in some cases, it could hurt your pet.

5. Food Change :- If there is any recent change in the food or diet, and then your pet has started shedding heavily, then this change could be the probable victim.

Solution :- Rechange the diet with your previous diet. If your pet is not happy with old diet then feed him something new instead of what you’re currently feeding him.

6. Stubborn Disease :- Few stubborn disease such as cancer, kidney problem, thyroid and so on could lead your pet towards excessive shedding.

Solution :- In case, your pet is already going through medication for that disease then ask your vet to provide some preventive measure for side effect of its medication.

7. Hormonal Issues :- In case, any allergic problem has passed through bloodline then too it could cause excessive shedding.

Solution :- If your vet has done all he could do to treat the issue then only probable solution is artificial hormone replacement that your vet would suggest you.

8. Pregnancy :- During pregnancy bitches require highly nutritious diet and proper care. In lack of the same, it could lead your pet towards excessive shedding.

Pet Shedding - Root Causes Along With Things A Pet Parent Need To Know

Solution :- Provide her with highly nutritious diet. Make a regular feeding routine and try to include all the essential nutrition in its diet.

So folks, that’s all for hair shedding in your pets. I hope this tips and guidance about your pet’s shedding problem had helped you in some way.

Don’t forget to share your thought and ideas or tip you use while your pet shed naturally, in comment section.

Author Bio :- Hi! I’m Marcus Perony! Owner & Founder of PetHairGuard. A Heart-breaking incident lead me towards starting a mission. Yeah, my neighbour was abandoning his pet just because it was shedding excessively. I like to share information to tackle hair shedding issues and to care pet properly. In my free time I love to read books, watch football and to roam around nature.

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