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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


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If you’ve got questions about Pet Qwerks Toys’ products, we’ve got answers. Check out our FAQ page for the most common questions we get asked. And if you don’t see your question, send us an email and we’ll get back to you!

Babble Balls

The noise of course! Pets (dogs, cats, and even ferrets) love to play with toys that make noise. Our Babble Balls go beyond the squeaker and crinkle noises you’re used to hearing from a pet toy. Instead, we have a Babble Ball that talks and one that makes animal sounds. Pets can’t get enough of this toy that talks back!

Unlike toys that drop treats as your dog rolls them around, the Babble Ball uses sounds to invite your pup to play. The sounds can be triggered by your pet walking by on their way to choose a new napping spot. So instead of your dog napping all day, they can play some too.

All dogs need regular mental and physical exercise. Our Babble Balls are great for both. Because they have a sensitive motion sensor, our Babble Balls will start to babble if your dog breaths on it or walks close by. This triggers the ball to start making noises and drawing your dog into play. Just like with a walk around the neighborhood, your dog will get the exercise they need.

Babble Balls are the best toys for pets with vision or hearing impairments. We have Babble Balls that blink and ones that make noise. Your pet no longer has to lay around waiting for a toy that caters to them, because you’ve found it in the Babble Ball.

Up to 10lbs – Get the Small Babble Ball
12-25lbs – Get the Medium Babble Ball

26lbs and up – Large Babble Ball

You know your dog best. If you have an aggressive chewer, we suggest going up a size simply because larger objects are harder to chew.

That depends on your pet. Babble Balls can produce 12,000 – 15,000 phrases or sounds on one set of batteries. So if your pet just can’t get enough and causes the ball to make 100 sounds per day, then it should last for roughly 4-6 months.

Babble Balls are specially designed to go into sleep mode between playtimes (so when motion stops). This helps them consume battery life while your pet rests up for the next playtime.

Yes! It’s ready for fun play. The Babble Ball batteries contain very low-metal and certified safe for your dog.

Yes! So make sure to add some replacement batteries to your cart before checking out!

To replace the batteries, simply use a small, Phillips screwdriver to open the battery compartment. (If you’re having difficulty opening the compartment, grab some needle-nosed pliers to help!) Babble Balls use 3 1.5 volts (AG13/LR44) button cell batteries.

Babble Balls Battery Replacement

They are built to take a pretty good beating! That means your pet can nudge it, paw at it, drop it, and even carry it in their mouth and it should be just fine.

It can be rolled around the room and will not be affected by hitting the walls. Aside from aggressive chewing, the behavior of your dog will not cause damage.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer we suggest you drop the ball inside a pair of old socks. This often changes the behavior.

Babble Balls are intended for inside use only. They contain electronic parts which could be damaged by rain or wet grass. Babble Balls are not designed to be hit with baseball bats or tennis rackets.

Most pets love their Babble Ball. We’ve been sent videos and heard stories of dogs, cats, ferrets, and even a hedgehog playing with them. If your pet has energy to burn, a Babble Ball is a great toy.

The noises the Babble Ball makes are exciting to most pets. Those who are naturally timid will take some time to get used to their Babble Ball, but they’re usually won over in the end.

A clean, damp cloth works great! DO NOT SUBMERGE your Babble Ball. While it can withstand your dog’s saliva, the electrical components will be damaged if the ball is submerged in water.

Yes! We want the play to continue so we guarantee our Babble Balls for one full year from the time of purchase.

If you suspect your ball is defective, reach out to us via email at

Please provide the following information:

Your name
Babble Ball size
Date of purchase
Store where it was purchased (or website, if online)
Copy of receipt or screenshot of your online receipt
Description of the problem

The Babble Balls are not guaranteed against chewing damage, abuse, or worn-out batteries.

The outer casing is made of ABS construction (the same material as a Lego). It’s non-toxic, dog-safe, and hi-impact. This should discourage most chewers.

Sometimes the batteries get a bit out of place during transportation. If your Babble Ball doesn’t start babbling once you’ve pulled out the deactivation strip, give it a light tap. That should move the batteries back into place.

This happens with most of the electronics we use today. It’s possible something got bumped while your pet was playing and is a bit out of place.

To fix this, we suggest you either remove or reinstall the batteries after a period of rest (a few minutes is good). Or you can cut a piece of plastic and slide it into the slot between the batteries. Again, you’ll give it a few minutes (like when you’re restarting a computer) and remove it.

Yes. You can remove the batteries or place a plastic strip into the battery slot.

If you’re shipping a Babble Ball or taking it in the car with you, we suggest you deactivate it beforehand.

Flavorit® and BarkBone® Chews

Dogs love to chew things – no matter their age. So give them something besides your shoes. Our dog chews come in Nylon for aggressive chewers (great for puppies and young dogs) and our Wood or Bamboo for gentle chewers, like senior dogs.

Our dog chews are made to keep your dog entertained while cleaning their teeth! And you fill the holes with your pup’s favorite flavors!

It’s unlikely that your dog will damage their chew. Flavorit and Barkbone chews are made from nylon or wood and specially formulated to be strong against your pup’s teeth. In time, the ends of the bone will become worn from chewing, but that’s normal and will help to clean tartar and plaque off your dog’s teeth.

If some of the bone comes off in tiny pieces, that’s normal and are expected. These little rice size bits are usually not swallowed but if they are, they’ll pass without problem. See below images:

Flavorit and Barkbone chews

Flavorit and BarkBone chews are designed to become rough around the edges over time. That is expected and safe for your dog. If your chew is looking particularly rough or you just feel like your dog needs a new flavor, it could be a good time to get a new Flavorit or BarkBone.

If the chew is broken, it needs to be replaced. We have yet to experience a “broken” Flavorit or BarkBone.

Like humans, dogs expect to see or feel results. We make our bones from the best material available – nylon. This material allows dogs to have a good grip on the bone and make progress when they chew. Very few dogs will chew rocks or things that they have no hope of making progress.

Each Flavorit or BarkBone has a recommended dog size. If you’re not sure which to choose, we suggest you go with the larger bone. If there are multiple dogs in your house, get the size that will fit the largest dog.

Absolutely! We want your dog to be safe when enjoying their chew so we’ve made them out of non-toxic, dog-safe FDA-compliant nylon, wood and bamboo. The flavorings we use are human-grade, real food flavors like you see in the supermarket. We’ve even freezer/shatter tested our chews for cold climates and sun tested them for degradation. Our peanut butter flavored bones are even allergen-free!

They’re made in the USA!

Zero. You don’t have to worry about your dog spoiling their dinner or their waistline while gnawing on our chews.

Our Mesquite Chicken Flavorit Barkbone is vegan! We use human-grade flavoring (not real chicken) to create that authentic chicken flavor that your dog will go crazy for.

Other Products

No. We’ve made the X-Tire Balls from Flexi PVC. This means they’re smooth and lightweight for tossing, but won’t last a chewing session.

It’s best if you play with them outside. It gives your pet more room to run and jump while catching the bubbles.

Since we know some cats don’t go outside, we’ve made the bubbles so when they pop, they don’t leave a stain on your surfaces. But they can leave a bit of a sticky mess.

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