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Babble Balls

What makes the Babble Balls so appealing to pets?

All pets love toys that make noise. Most pets also love balls. The Babble Balls combine both features into a single toy. Inanimate squeak toys or plain balls don't hold a candle to the Babble Balls. From the pets perspective, the Babble Balls are playing with them! The more they play, the more the balls will talk back to them.

How can my pet benefit from a Babble Ball?

It's typical that pets, especially dogs, become quite excited with the balls. The physical workouts provide all the benefits of healthy exercise. A healthy pet is a happy pet!

The Babble Balls have opened new worlds for pets that are blind or have poor eyesight. Pets with separation anxiety or are chronically bored have perked up remarkably.

Unlike toys that motivate activity by dropping out unhealthy treats, the Babble Balls are just good healthy fun!

What size Babble Ball is best for my pet?

The Small Babble Ball is intended for the tiny breeds up to 10 pounds. The Medium Babble Ball is for dogs 12 to 25 pounds and the Large Babble Ball is for the large breeds above 25 pounds.

Exercise common sense for your pup's behavioral traits. As a general rule, if your dog is an aggressive chewer it is advised you purchase the larger than prescribed size ball. Larger objects are simply more difficult to chew than small objects.

How long do the batteries last?

The Babble Balls produce 12,000 - 15,000 phrases or sounds with a set of batteries. If your pet causes the ball to make 100 sounds per day, it should last for approximately 4 - 6 months. Depending upon your pets play habits it will last more or less. The balls switch into sleep mode as soon as it motion stops. It then consume energy at the rate of a quartz watch.

Can I replace the batteries?

Yes! The battery compartment can be opened by removing the 2 deep set phillips screws. Replace with 3 new 1.5 volt (AG13/LR44) button cell batteries. They should be readily available from your local supermarket or drug store. If you have any difficulty opening the battery compartment door then use a pair of needle nosed plies to pull open.

Replace Batteries

How durable is the Babble Ball?

They are built to take a pretty good beating! Their intended use is as an indoor toy. It can be rolled around the room and will not be affected by hitting the walls. Aside from aggressive chewing, the behavior of your dog will not cause damage.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer we suggest you drop the ball inside a pair of old socks. This often changes the behavior. They are not designed to be hit with baseball bats or tennis rackets. They contain electronic components.

Is the Babble Ball right for my pet?

The Babble Balls appeal most to pets that like to play and have energy to burn. Most dogs are incredibly excited to play the moment they hear the ball. Some timid dogs and cats may be initially cautious but curiosity usually wins over quickly. Ferrets love the Kitty balls instantly.

How do I clean the Babble Ball?

A clean damp cloth works fine. Do not submerse the balls as it will damage the electrical components. Saliva is not able to penetrate the ball and cause damage.

Are the Babble Balls guaranteed?

Yes! They are guaranteed to be free of defects for one full year. If you suspect your ball is defective, please contact customer service using our contact form. Provide your name, address, ball size, date of purchase, store where purchased and a description of the problem.

What is not guaranteed?

The Babble Balls are not guaranteed against chewing damage, abuse or worn out batteries.

What material are the balls made from?

The outer casing of the balls is made from non-toxic, rigid, hi-impact plastic. It is tough enough to discourage most chewers.

My Babble Ball didn't work when I pulled out the deactivation strip?

The deactivation strip slides between and separates the batteries for transporting. Sometimes the batteries do not pop into position when the strip is removed. Usually, a sharp tap on a hard surface will do the trick.

My Babble Ball suddenly stopped working?

It is possible that the circuitry and components experienced an electrical crash similar to what happens to a computer.

In this case the ball needs to be reset. Simply reinstall the plastic strip through the slot and between the batteries. Allow the ball to rest for a minute and remove the strip. You can also cut a small strip of rigid plastic to fit if you have lost the original strip.

Can I deactivate the Babble Ball?

Yes. Simply slide the plastic strip back into the battery slot and between the batteries. It's advisable to deactivate the balls if you are going in a car or shipping the ball.

Flavorit® Chews

Why Flavorit chews?

There are so many good reasons for Flavorit chews. Both young and old dogs enjoy the chewing experience. They're entertaining and they help to clean their teeth. Flavorit Nylon chews are really tough and made specifically for aggressive chewers. This would often include puppies and young dogs. Flavorit Flex is designed for moderate chewers and usually includes older dogs.

Can dogs damage Flavorit bones by chewing?

The Nylon and Flex Flavorit chews are formulated so that tiny bits can be chewed off. If your dog is managing to chew off tiny bits he is likely not swallowing them but if he does there's no reason for alarm as they will safely pass. In time the ends of the Flavorit bones will appear rough from chewing. The resulting texture will help to scrape tartar from and actually help to clean your dog's teeth.

How long with a Flavorit chew last?

That depends on your dog's chewing behavior. A super chewer may need a bone replaced after a month whereas a moderate chewer may make the bone last for years. Generally speaking, the Flavorit Nylon chews will last longer than the Flavorit Flex chews.

When should I replace my dog's Flavorit chew?

You should replace the chew if it appears to be broken. We've not seen one yet that's been "broken" but we're just saying it to go on the record. The bone is designed to slowly become rough at the ends and that is safe for your dog. If your dog has loved his Flavorit and it's looking rather used maybe you would want to buy him a new one.

Why don't we make Flavorit chews from harder plastic?

The chewing experience is necessary to keep your dog interested and working. Very few dogs will chew rocks or things that they have no hope of making progress.

What size Flavorit should I buy for my dog?

Each Flavorit package states a recommended dog size. If you're not sure then it's best to buy larger rather than smaller. If there is more than one dog in the family then the only size would be for the larger dog.

Are Flavorit chews safe?

Absolutely! They are non-toxic and are infused with food grade flavors. The've been freeze/shatter tested for cold climates and sun tested for degredation. Our green breath bones are actually colored with Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin which helps to reduce decay causing bacterial. Our peanut butter flavored bones are allergen free.

Where are Flavorit chews made?

They're made in the USA!

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