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Why does your Pet Need Dental Care

Why does your Pet Need Dental Care

1. To prevent cavities:

Floss like a boss, not just you but your dog too. To prevent cavities, removal of plaque is essential which the transparent bacterial layer on the teeth is. To go about this you must brush your dog’s teeth at least twice a day. If you’re not being particular about dental care, this can lead to build up of plaque to periodontal problems.

2. Who likes bad breath?

Dogs are fond lickers, everything they come across is licked by them and even you, hence bad breath make everything not only nasty but also smelly, so to prevent that, brushing your dog’s teeth is very important.

3. To prevent your dog from developing dental problems:

Brushing your teeth can prevent further complications due to dental disease. Dental problems can also affect other tissues and organs in the circulatory system of the dogs, the cardiovascular muscle is also at risk. Lack of brushing can cause accumulation of baby teeth which means the adult teeth are not grown; dogs have 42 adults’ teeth.

4. To avoid your dog from becoming irritable and showcasing unfamiliar behavior:

Most of the time if a dog is having dental pain, you wouldn’t even know and that would hinder you from taking it to a vet; hence be wary and take care of its teeth pre hand. One way to figure out if your dog is alright is through examining its toys and looking for blood stains. The process of losing a tooth is extremely painful for your dog and can cause severe discomfort so make sure to take good dental care of your pet.

5. To maintain dental health and prevent your dog from losing teeth:

Dogs like to bite hard, soft, brittle and all sorts of matter. Their teeth go through lots of wear down. This can cause the teeth to deteriorate layer after layer which is called attrition, where the wear down of the tooth’s pulp is exposed. They also have bacteria and germs in their mouth all the time. If for long periods of time, the dog mouth isn’t washed out, then it can cause the accumulation of harmful substance inside, which if swallowed with food can cause stomach problems or even worse. Make sure to check your dog’s mouth or go to a vet regularly. If your dog consumes something pointy or sharp it can cut off its gums and cause bleeding inside the mouth.

Dental care is also essential so your dog’s teeth stay shaped and are clean for brighter smiles. It is also essential in order to prevent excessive drooling, misaligned or crooked teeth. Being irresponsible about dog dental care can lead to bumps or growths inside the mouth along with red or swollen bleeding gums.

For a brighter smile and happy eating, it is essential to keep your dog under proper dental care, taking care of all the peculiar things, to avoid complications and so you have healthy time with your dog.

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