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Pet Friendly Shopping Malls in the US

Pet Friendly Shopping Malls in the US

All dog owners enjoy spending time with their furry best friend. We know that you want to take them to most of the places. However, not all places have pet friendly policies. This becomes a big deal when you want to take them for shopping so that they can buy what they like, but alas, not all malls allow the Fido inside.

Below is the list of dog friendly malls where your furry fella would be given a warm welcome and both of you will have a good time together!

1. Carmel Plaza, Carmel, CA:

This mall has over 40 adventurous shopping spots for your dog and also the setting where they can have fun without having to stop. This mall has the setting of a garden where your dog can play easily. However, the mall only permits leashed dogs on the grounds. They also have a FOUNTAIN OF WOOF, specifically dedicated to the dogs where they can satisfy their thirst.

2. Bridge Street Town Center, Huntsville, Alabama:

Most of the shops in this mall allow pets inside. There are only a few shops that do not allow any pet inside – indicated by the stickers. But overall, the mall allows tamed pets inside.

3. Twenty Ninth Street, Boulder, CO:

This place has a good number of stores and restaurants, all of which are pet friendly. They also have an area dedicated for your pets’ surprises. It is known as the comfort relief area, in the parking lot. This area has convenient disposable bag stations where all those surprises can be disposed of. Was taking your pets to the mall ever this easier?

4. The Ward Village Shops, Honolulu, Hawaii:

This place a good number of benches, green spaces, settings and outdoor areas where you can spend quality time with your pets. Some shops even permit the pets inside and thus you and your furry fella can shop together.

5. Hunt Valley Town Centre, Cockeysville, Maryland:

This is located in the Northern side of Baltimore County. This mall has number of shops where the pets are allowed and also, you can roam around in the mall with your pets leashed and spend good time with them.

6. Nicollet Mall, Minnesota:

This mall is located in the shopping district – a well-known place in Minnesota. It comprises of 12 blocks with department stores, shops and restaurants; all of which are pet friendly! The best part is like a glad tiding to the dog owners – your dogs are allowed anywhere in the district.

7. The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley, Center Valley, Pennsylvania:

The cluster of shops allow leashed dogs to have fun in the common areas. A few shops also allow the furry pet inside. If any of the store allows the pets inside, a sticker on the door shall indicate.

8. The Domain, Austin, Texas:

This place has a number of shops, department stores and restaurants which allow the pets inside. However, those who don’t – they have water dishes kept outside, so your Fido doesn’t have to stay thirsty in the parameters of The Domain.

Which of the above mentioned malls have you visited with the cutie pet?

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