Pet Doors: Things You Need to Know

Pet Doors: Things You Need to Know

Dog door is an outlet for your pet dog to get out and explore whenever it is feasible for them. There are three main types of dog doors:

Once you have decided the type of door you want to go for, now you can figure the location, material and style of installation. The location varies in the manner that you can either install it in the door or in the wall. You can install it in the door with ease without having to go an extra way to create special space in the wall for a dog door. On the other hand, you can also create a secluded dog door in the wall to provide them separate access in and out of the house.

You can choose between a metal or plastic frame. Plastic works fine if your dog is small in size, but if you have a big dog, they are usually in a habit of breaking things and may break the plastic door more easily. You can use an aluminum frame which is more durable.

Before you decide to measure the dimensions of your door, make sure you’ve measured your dog size. Here are a few considerations:

You should also keep in mind while making a dog door the safety of your children, if you have any. Many times, children tend to hurt themselves while trying to go across the door. In such cases, it’s best to install plastic doors with locks.

Apart from that there is a possibility that other animals might also get into the house via your dog door. You can either make your door at a height or keep it locked to prevent small animals such as rats and hedgehogs from getting inside.

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