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Pet Anxiety: How to Ease the Moving Process

With dogs or cats, moving into a new living space can be quite challenging. This anxiety they face can cause accidents, excessive barking or meowing, and other out-of-the-ordinary behavior. But through time and testing out different practices, your new house can turn into you and your pet’s favorite place to be. To help potentially lessen the stress they feel with moving, the team at My Move has given a list of ways to help move pets safely and how to make them feel more at-ease with the moving process.

Five Ways to Successfully Relocate With Pets

Just like humans, each individual pet has their own personality and characteristics. Because of this, the practices to help them feel comfortable and less anxious differ. Trying out some (or all) of these ways can be beneficial in making moving less stressful for you and your pet family as well.

Relocating With Pets

1. Get a Pet Sitter While You Move Out and In. As the boxes are being packed up, and the U-Haul truck comes into the driveway, chaos is definitely in the air. By getting a pet sitter to look after your furry friend, the amount of change they are seeing is significantly reduced. Also, since you are going to be busy, getting a pet sitter allows for someone to give them the attention they may need.

2. Take Them on a Long Walk. To ease their nerves, taking your dog on a long walk is beneficial before beginning the moving process. Try going to a quiet spot without a lot of new people to keep it as a calm and stress free environment before or after the move.

3. Bring Them on the Flight. If your move requires traveling, bringing your cat or dog with you on the flight (if possible) allows for extra time together. They might still be frightened on the plane, but at least they have a familiar face taking care of them.

4. Get Everything Prepared Before They Come. With an anxious pet, try and settle into your new house beforehand. The various boxes and other moving pieces can be stressful, so getting those squared away before bringing your pet over can help put them at ease quicker.

5. Have an Eventful First Night. The first night in a new home is extremely important to establishing positive memories with the new space. The night can consist of their favorite activities, like playing with toys, to help get them settled in. Some other ways to have an enjoyable first night are in the graphic below.

Treating Moving Anxiety

Moving can be a stressful time for all people (and pets) involved. When it comes time to move in, make sure to give your anxious pet attention, patience, and time to get situated. By figuring out what triggers them and what eases their nerves, you and your pet will soon be just as comfortable in your new home as you were in your last.

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