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Paleo Diet for Dogs – Pros and Cons

Paleo Diet for Dogs - Pros and Cons

What is a Paleo Diet?

The dog Paleo diet includes raw foods and ingredients that canines were naturally designed to consume. These ingredients consist of meat, fish, starchy vegetables and fats. The idea behind this kind of diet is to mimic what dogs and wolves used to consume primitively. Below mentioned are some pros and cons of Paleo diet:


  • It is a clean form of diet that doesn’t include additives, preservatives or chemicals.
  • Natural benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties from fruits, vegetables and seeds can shield from several disease.
  • Diet rich in meat means increased iron stores in the body.
  • A diet rich in proteins and fats keeps your dog full for longer periods of time.
  • Lesser amounts carbohydrates in the diet lead to lesser chances of developing allergies.
  • Dogs usually find natural foods more tasty


  • Raw meat is the prime component of Paleo diet and is full of bacteria and parasites. These bacteria can cause several infections and GI upset.
  • Paleo diet is known to be an unbalanced diet as specific portions of food aren’t usually consumed. There may be too much or too less of an important food group making it hard for you to track your dog’s health changes.
  • Paleo diet may not be ideal for athletic dogs. Athletic dogs need extra amounts of carbs and Paleo diet doesn’t offer that.
  • Paleo diet is more expensive as compared to the conventional dog foods. The natural foods are additive free and are costlier than processed dog food. Also meat needs to be prepared before it is fed to your dog and hence adds to the cost.
  • Paleo diet may be healthier but is not entirely easy to get and prepare. The food cannot be stored for long and it may become stale over time.

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