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Outdoor Dog Watch Tips for Owners

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If you want everything to be peachy with your bow-wow chum, then you should know that there are rules even when it comes to walks. Dog watching, is a rather quaint exercise whose purpose is to ensure that your dog stays safe and healthy. In this article, we are going to show a couple of neat tricks when it comes to watching your pet on your walks. So, without further ado, here are our awesome outdoor dog watch tips.

What You Should Look for When Taking Your Dog for a Walk

The first thing you should think about before allowing your dog outside the house is just how safe your backyard is. Dogs are curious by nature, and they will try to sniff, eat, or chew on anything they’ll find interesting. Of course, there’s always the risk of your dog running away from your backyard. Truth be told, even with a well-trained dog, there’s still that risk.

If your backyard lacks a fence or any other physical boundary, you should consider buying a wireless dog fence. This device can keep your pet safe by setting up a circular boundary via radio waves. If your furry friend tries to escape the invisible circular boundary, a special collar will deliver mild shocks to prevent it from doing that. Nevertheless, we recommned a device with an in-built GPS function. You can check this list of the best GPS dog fence options and see which one suits your pet best.

Keep in mind that a dog collar fence looks like a regular dog collar. The only difference is that it has a small receiver attached to it that allows you to pair it with your phone. That way, if your bow-wow pal runs away, you can use your smartphone to track it down.

Another thing to keep in mind is coprophagy, which is the scientific term for poop-eating. Yes, we know how hard it is to keep your dog from eating or going anywhere near something resembling feces, but you should always keep an eye on him. It is not only unsanitary, but your dog can easily get infected with some disease if the dog who ‘produced’ the fecal matter was sick.  To name just a few of the things your dog can get through feces – roundworms (cause diarrhea, vomiting, and GI tract issues), coccidia (parasites capable of causing diarrhea), parvovirus (very deadly among puppies and old dogs), and hookworms (cause anemia, vomiting, and weight loss).

Next stop is flea prevention. Taking your dog to the vet or buying flea collars is not enough if you can’t keep him away from flea-infested areas. For instance, if you are thinking about taking your dog for a walk in the park, scout the area first to make sure it has been cleared of fleas and parasites. You might consider doing the same thing in your backyard.

Please keep in mind that leashes are a must-have during walks. They are not optional. It doesn’t matter how cute or well-trained your dog is. There’s always the risk of him running away, chasing a cat, biting someone, or entering someone’s backyard to dig holes or defecate. Make sure the leash you buy fits your dog’s neck. Here’s a good rule to help you choose the ideal leash for your dog – small dogs need a 3/8 inches wide leash, while larger dogs need a leash with a width greater than ¾ inches.

Speaking of yards and backyards, make sure you clean your backyard on a regular basis. We know how the little one simply adores playing outdoors, so it’s important to keep everything nice and clean. Put away any sharp utensils and make sure the fence doesn’t have any holes in it. You should also pick up the feces on a regular basis. Now, if your dog likes to do a bit of gardening from time to time, you should consider some more training. Also, ensure that it stays away from stuff like poison ivy, bees, or any kind of critter that stings.

Car rides are maybe the best treat your dog can receive. However, do keep in mind that some dogs can get carsick, very much like we humans do. To prevent that, keep the car ventilated before hitting the road. Also, you can try putting a blanket or a plastic cover on the backseat in case your dog decides to leave a little surprise behind.

Parties are perhaps a dog owner’s number one problem. Why? Well, your dog will be surrounded by people it doesn’t know, and that could overwhelm it a bit. Not to mention that you might have party guests over that are not too fond of house pets, no matter if they are cats or dogs.

To prevent a rather unpleasant situation, create for your dog a ‘safe spot’ where it can retreat to when everything’s too much. You can set up this stop in one of the rooms or in its exercise pen. Make sure he has food, plenty of water, and something warm if the weather is chilly.


It doesn’t take much to keep your furry friend happy. Just keep these things in mind, be careful of your surroundings, and always use a leash when you’re taking it on a walk.


With a major in communication and public relations, for the last two years, Liza Trout has been working for a blog that specializes in dog fences, WirelessDogFence. The safety of pups and pups’ owners is her passion, and various types of dog fences are her business.

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