Open Farm: Ethically Raised and Sourced Pet Food

Open farm is a family business concerned with pet food. What makes open farm unique is that their focus is not on making profits, but rather the happiness and health of pets. The business is owned by a group of people who are passionate about pets. There is a proof to that. It is evident since the business is also keeping many dogs. Open farm has managed to stand out in the crowd of hundreds of other pet food distributors. What exactly sets the business apart?

1. Nutritious food

Open Farm has seen to it that the food provided can meet the nutrition needs of pets, that is dogs and cats. The team is well aware that pets require more of proteins as opposed to carbohydrates. Well, the thing is most manufacturers will use corn and other ingredients to make the food to save on costs. The beauty of it is that 80% of it is animal protein.
Breaking it down further, it is worth noting that Open Farm uses fresh fruits and vegetables, premium protein. They have come up with many recipes that will keep your dog excited. For instance, there is chicken, homestead turkey, lamb (raised by pasture), salmon and Surf & Turf to mention a few.

2. Ethically-Farmed

The other reason as to why you should pick Open Farm as your pet food supplier is that it works with good farms for its ingredients. How so? Open Farm will not be caught dead working with a farm that has not gone through thorough inspection and has been certified. The inspection involves ensuring that the animals are on the right diet, the animals are not fed growth hormones, and ample space is provided for the animals.

3. Transparency

What is meant by transparency? Well, Open Farm will always deliver what they promise. More so, they will not seek temporary credit only for them to go back to the bottom. Everything about the operations of Open Farm is transparent. That starts with the farmers and third parties they work with. Also, if you look at the packaging, you will find that all the ingredients that have been used for the food are listed. Everything is brought to light. More so, the business has been able to meet government regulations regarding the quality of their products. For confirmation, the company has provided a code by which you can feed into the system on their website to ascertain that for sure, whatever has been listed as an ingredient on the packaging is there in an actual sense. And, true to their word, if you check online, you will find that the information tallys.

4. Sustainable Pet Food

Open Farm has made it its business to safeguard the ecosystem while at its operations. This is through sustainable farming and other business operations. For instance, the company uses packaging that can be recycled. Open Farm has it in mind that non-compliance to safeguarding the environment will have implications on the pets they are making food for. This goes all the way to the ingredients the Farm uses. It has also ensured that the fish are sustainable.

When it comes to pets, you should always purpose to keep them happy. Well, there is an easy way: give them food that they will enjoy. As you allow them to enjoy the food, you should also ensure that it provides nutritional value to your pet. As much as it may be pricey, providing your dog with the appropriate food will go a long way in raising healthy and happy pup. If you are not too keen on your dog’s diet, you are likely to battle health challenges as time progresses. Also, if your dog has an existing medical condition, it is advisable that you consult with the vet before you administer any new diet. Open Farm is a trusted dog food provider. As you are getting into business with a dog food supplier, you need to be sure that you are working with a reliable and trusted supplier: something that Open Farm has managed to build among the clients. Once you have the right food for your dog, you should proceed to for more information on how to be with your dog.

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