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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


An All-In-One Guide To Making Dog and Cat Relationship Much Better

The dispute between cats and dogs isn’t a new topic but it is one that is certainly overhyped. While there are stories of cats seriously injured by large dogs; there are many households that have managed to maintain peace and harmony between the two species. Here are some ways you can make the relationship between your dog and cat better:

An All-In-One Guide To Making Dog and Cat Relationship Much Better

  • If there is going to be trouble between your dog and cat, it is most likely caused by your dog. So it is important that you keep an eye on your dog. Dogs love to chase things. A new pet like your cat may get scared and start running around only causing your dog to chase them more. It is important to stop this vicious cycle right away to prevent your cat from getting seriously injured.


  • Make sure your cat has somewhere to get away to. If your dog is annoying her excessively, teach your cat to run away and hide. Create slabs or perches where your cat can climb off to and rest.


  • Make sure that when your cat and your dog are in a similar room, your dog is restrained. No matter how hard you try, it is your dog’s instinct to chase anything that’s small, fluffy and moves quickly. Most problems arise due to this only. Hence restraining your dog and teaching him not to chase the cat is super important.


  • If you want to keep a dog and a cat in the same household, make sure you take into consideration their age difference. Puppies are not dangerous to adult cats and kittens might be completely fearless to adult dogs. This would require you to keep an extensive eye on the both for prolonged periods of time to prevent them from seriously getting injured.


  • When introducing your cat to your dog, avoid picking the cat up and putting near to your dog’s face because the cat would instinctively want to scratch their face and set a hostile ground between the two. Always allow your cat to approach the dog gradually.


  • If you have adopted your dog from shelter, you don’t really know much about their past. They may be aggressive and destructive animals and might not be safe for your cat at all.


  • To prepare your cat or dog to a change like bringing in a new pet in the house, you must make other minor changes such as moving their litter box, closing certain areas of the house and etc. This way their brain will be stimulated to adapt to change and accepting a new pet may become easier in the process.

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