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Of Daughters and Dogs- IQ and Renewed Respect (Part II)

We were both obviously unable to give her answers, even at this older age. But still shocked she could remember. Yet dogs are said to be that intelligent. No wonder some dogs, once they mark a person as an intruder, can still remember him years later. If they mark a person as their friend, they never forget. For example, Timmy. She had been my best friend growing up, then life happened and I moved from home. When I went back, she was still all over me like no time had passed between us.

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According to the researchers, the dogs that are most intelligent are Border collies, Poodles and German Shepherds, all of which are relatively modern breeds. The dogs that were at the bottom of the ranking are the bulldog, the Beagle, Afghan hound, Basset hound and the Basenji.

The reasoning behind this is the older breeds were bred to help man with outdoor activities such as hunting and guarding, activities that actually required more muscle and instinctive intelligence and less IQ. Nowadays, dogs are bred to respond to the needs of humans, such as guide dogs, pets and so on, so it’s important that they are able to understand humans better.

And yet, the beagle still is a favorite in the US despite being rated lower in IQ, probably because they are less sneaky. Just like a highly intelligent child, an intelligent dog can be sneaky because he is able to read you. He can also figure out how to open a gate when you close it, which can be a nuisance sometimes.

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But don’t forget even a toddler with an average IQ can figure some simple things, and get into a lot of mischief. Just like my daughter, your dog sees and hears everything that goes on around the house. We have a dog named Mama. We are not sure what her heritage is because she was a stray. Some time back, there was a man who was terrorizing the neighborhood but was decent so no one was suspicious. But Mama gets around. She knew exactly what he was up to, yet putting up pretenses and working with the public policing group the men in the neighborhood formed to catch the perpetrator.

He of course always got away because he knew what was going on. Mama would bark fiercely at him whenever he was around, and we always wondered why when she was okay with all the other neighbors. He was finally caught and we understood why Mama always reacted so violently towards him. She was not overreacting. She had seen. She knew and she remembered everything she had seen him do just that she couldn’t talk.

I must confess I have renewed respect for my dogs after realizing how intelligent they are.

Of Daughters and Dogs- IQ and Renewed Respect (Part II)

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