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Of Daughters and Dogs- IQ and Renewed Respect (Part I)

I remember my daughter at two. She was cute as a button, yet as cunning as they come. She was and still is one of the most intelligent little humans I have come across. At that age, she could clearly communicate verbally, she knew all her ABCs and what objects each letter went with and multiple other things that still amaze me to date. She was way ahead of her peers.

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You can imagine the shock I went through when I recently came across an article that said dogs are as intelligent as a two year old. The conclusion was based on a test designed for toddlers. The research concluded that dogs have arithmetic skills of a two year old in that they can tell if you drop one object in a box and then another, when you pick them, they expect those items to be two. They can even count up to five and know when you are trying to mess with them by claiming 1+1=1 or 3.

In language skills, dogs can understand simple words and gestures, just like a toddler. Their social skills are however much better than a toddler’s. They are like a teen’s. They understand social order and each dog knows where he stands in the pack, and they know when an alpha is ousted and when one dog moves up the social ladder.

On average though, most dogs are rated with two year olds, but there are some who are brighter than most. The smartest dogs have the intelligence of a 2.5 year old toddler. And that’s even more impressive than the two year olds, because if I think about my daughter at that age, she was already in school and doing so much with her intelligence.

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She recently told us a story that happened at about that age. We were sitting in her bedroom and out of nowhere she asked me, “Mom, why did you lie to me? Adults cannot be washed by sprinkling a little water on them?” I asked her what she meant, because the incidence had slipped from my mind altogether. That’s when she narrated the whole story, including details I had forgotten so I knew she was not faking it.

Friends had come over and they were having a minor fight. The woman got so mad at her hubby and poured water all over him. After things had cooled down, we noticed our daughter had witnessed, and I told her the woman was just cleaning her husband. My girl, on getting older, must have realized adults are not washed in kitchens.

Of Daughters and Dogs- IQ and Renewed Respect (Part I)

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