New Puppy Checklist

The time has come, you are getting a new puppy! The snuggles, the play and the companionship will be unmatched — but, at first, so will the work. It’s important as a new puppy owner to make sure you’re making life as easy and comfortable for your pup as possible. This will help your dog become more comfortable and healthy — and in turn, more obedient.

You’ll need to get your new pup set up with a veterinarian, start housebreaking and have a plan to spend a good amount of time home with them (in the beginning).

Food and health checkups are essentials. Then, food, toys and a collar are great, but that’s just the start. It’s a fun time as a pet owner because this is the time to set your puppy up for success and help them kick off a lifetime of love.

The new puppy checklist below was created by Gallant to ensure nothing gets forgotten.

They start with the supplies that are quintessential to successfully raise a puppy. And then dive into other considerations like puppy healthcare and finally, they touch on optional (but just as fun) supplies. It’s essential to get off to a good start with your pup, they’ll thank you later on — and you’ll thank yourself, too.

New Puppy Checklist

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