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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


What You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog

What You Need to Know Before Getting a Dog

In need of a loyal buddy? Well adopting a dog might seem as the perfect option, but be wary because nothing with pleasure comes too easy. Adoption means you adopt a dog from the shelters whereas buying a dog from breeders or pet stores, who sell them just for the sake of money, is different. If you’re adopting a dog, it is usually for free but the expenses that follow in order to take care of it are quite a lot. So, make sure you have your savings to finance your dog’s needs.

1. Plan the size of your dog’s family

If you are thinking to buy a dog make sure you have planned about its family size. Get your dog’s spayed or neutered, if you don’t want additional puppies occupying your place, because it is very inhumane to kill dog’s babies just because they can’t be brought up or are unwanted.

2. Put a Tag

It is essential to get a tag or a microchip for the dog, so that it can find its way back home if gets lost. Make sure to leave your contact number on the tag.

3. Your dog needs regular grooming

Dogs also require brushing of teeth just like you. Don’t forget to buy your dog a new toothbrush. Don’t rush the brushing though and make it slow.
It is also important to trim the dog’s nails consistently, so they don’t break as that hurts more. Long nails in cold weather can cause more complications. Make sure to take your dog to the vet or a groomer or do the honors yourself.

Cleanliness is another factor which needs to be taken care of. Your dog does not need regular baths unless they roll in mud or smell bad.

4. Make sure your dog has a healthy diet

Make sure to restrict what your dog eats. Do not feed too much human food as some food can be poisonous like CHOCOLATE. It’s better to feed just regular dog food but don’t go overboard because over feeding can lead to obesity.

5. House training your dog is essential

Before adopting a dog make sure you make a space where the dog can take its dump and also learn how to potty-train your dog.

6. Toys and exercise

Oh, don’t forget to buy your puppy new some toys so that it can be kept entertained. A bored dog can be destructive. Make sure your dog wouldn’t be chewing up on anything it finds amusing. Check out our Babble Ball and BarkBone® Dog Chews for a variety of unique and interactive dog toy.

Exercise is very important for the dogs as well. Be ready for some cardio, regular walks are also enjoyed by the dog. Playing with your dog also is a great way to form a healthy bond. Our Pickle Fetch Tug n Toss is great for tossing and fetching while on a walk or a long hike.

7. Safety

Do not leave your dog alone in the car as suffocation can prove to be fatal especially in the warm season or leave him chained outside unguarded.

8. Regular vet visits

Take your dog on vet visits monthly and make sure to not feed anything that might allergic to.

Make sure to give your dog lots and lots of love after all, if you need a loyal buddy, your dog also deserves to have a loyal buddy by him too.

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