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What you Need to Know about CBD and Hemp Products for Dogs

Why they are recommended.

CBD, or cannabidiol is a product found in hemp and also in marijuana. CBD and marijuana in general got a bad rap in the 80s and 90s due to its recreational use. Parents everywhere believed the products were causing their children to grow into irresponsible members of society.

However in recent years, scientists have reviewed the product and its medicinal use. The conclusion? The product has lot to offer. In fact, it is almost a magical herb all things considered.

But to set the record straight. Tetrahydrocannabidiol or THC is also a product found in cannabis. THC is the product that gives cannabis its psychoactive property. When people or animals ingest THC they get high.

CBD oil is not obtained from marijuana but from hemp. It does not have THC and therefore it does not cause a high or psychoactive behaviour. It has the same relaxing effect as THC without causing intoxication.

Because it does not contain THC, CBD oil is safe to use in dogs, even when it’s used for extended periods and in high doses. All 50 states in the US have made the use of CBD legal and marked it safe for the consumption of both humans and animals.

However, if your dog is on any medication consult your holistic vet first. This is because CBD causes the decrease of the liver enzymes that metabolize prescription medicine; therefore the drugs are not as effective.

If you decide to try CBD on your dog make sure you get the very best. First, make sure the CBD oil is organic because inorganic CBD has impurities such as fungicides and solvents that might cause more harm than good in your dog. Also, as in any other product, good quality CBD oil costs more than low quality CBD. Go for the more costly and high quality one and avoid the cheaper ones as they may not be effective. And anyway cheap is always expensive…you might buy cheap and end up not benefitting so you are forced to buy the more expensive variety later, therefore spending more in the long run.

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