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Myths about Animals Adopted from Shelters or Rescue Centers (continued)

You are likely to get a bargain because the dog will have all his vaccinations up to date and all his medical records in order before you can take him home. These services would cost you extra if you were to buy the dog from a reputable breeder. So, you get to give a dog a home and save money too in this case.

There is also the myth that shelter dogs are there in the first place because they have behavioral issues. This is not true because dogs are in shelters for many different reasons. The owners might have died, maybe a couple who were giving the dog a home separated and decided to give the dog to the shelter, and maybe a loving owner might have had to travel overseas and therefore had to give his pet away.

In case the dogs do have behavioral issues it is because the previous owners did not handle them right. Once you make the decision to own a dog, either from a shelter/rescue or from anywhere else, you need to make a full commitment to love them even when they are at their worst. A shelter/rescue dog needs to be trained with patience and love just like any other dog. The question is whether you are willing to make the commitment to be a dog parent.

The last myth is that when you adopt from the shelter/rescue centers you will not know what you are getting yourself into. This is especially a concern if the dog was a stray, but be sure the shelter/rescue staffs have interacted with the dog and observed his behavior before they can hand him over to you. They might even allow you to visit the shelter/rescue center several times to interact with the dog before you can make a final decision. If in the process of several visits you change your mind, there’ll be no loss because you won’t have taken the dog home or made a financial commitment.

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