Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


My Dogs and Kids: Benefits of Raising them Together

When Ginger barks, everyone listens. When Lulu plays, no one wants to stay still, and when Buster gives affection, no heart can remain solid. That’s the joy of having dogs in our house, and the joy has been spread to our kids.

We take the dogs for regular walks and our children come with us, which enables the whole family to have fun and exercise at the same time. I know I won’t have to worry about inactive kids as long as I have dogs to take for walks. Even when I don’t feel up to it, my children and dogs have so much energy that I just have to accompany them.

When I leave the house for a few minutes and the kids are alone, I don’t worry because as long as I have the three dogs in the house, my kids have a companion. I can rush to the supermarket and rush back home and find that everything is alright and no one missed me. The dogs have the kids and the kids have the dogs and everything is alright.

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But the dogs come with a price tag; the kids have to help feed them and my daughter is old enough to help with washing the bowls. Luckily for me, my kids enjoy these tasks and they don’t view the task as punishment. Meal time is fun time in our house, and I’m glad that having dogs around helps me teach my kids about responsibility, rights and duties.



Pets need to be taken cared of- feed them at appropriate time, give them a bath regularly, take them to the vet when they are sick, and for vaccinations.


They can play with the dogs whenever they want, and the dogs are a constant companion for when they feel lonely. There can’t be rights and privileges without duties and responsibilities.

My Dogs and Kids: Benefits of Raising them Together

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