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You Must Read These 7 Dog Grooming Tips

You Must Read These 7 Dog Grooming Tips

Dog grooming is an important aspect of keeping your dog healthy and happy. You need to groom your dog regularly and do the job well by using the right grooming equipment and make sure you follow a routine regularly to ensure that all steps are covered. Keep in mind that grooming is more than just brushing and bathing, you need to pay attention to difficult areas such as the teeth, ears, genitals, and nails. You must be prepared to deal with nasty problems such as matted hair during grooming. The following tips can help you groom your pet dog more efficiently especially as a beginner.

Choose the Right Equipment and Supplies for Dog Grooming

The type of dog grooming equipment you choose should depend on the breed type. Choose a medium-toothed comb for the short and thin hair dog breed, and a wide-toothed comb for thicker and fuller hair breeds. Make sure you get a flea comb also. Get a slicker brush for brushing, it is good as an all-purpose brush. If your dog has short hair then you should go for a curry brush. If the dog has long hair, you should consider a pin brush, especially if the animal has a long and single coat.

Always go for pH-balanced Shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to bathing, you must avoid using the human shampoo to bathe your dog, rather, you should go for shampoos and conditioners specifically made for dogs. A shampoo that is too acidic may cause scarring and some other issues to the skin of the dog. You don’t want to expose the dog’s skin to a shampoo that can make it more sensitive to environmental conditions. Make sure you use clean water for bathing or rinsing the dog and you must avoid spending too much time bathing the animal to avoid skin drying and skin sensitivity.

Apply Styptic Powder After Clipping

Clipping the nail of the dog is one of the most important grooming steps you must follow. Make sure you choose the right clippers recommended for dogs only. Make sure you clip the nails gently and slowly. The Styptic powder is made to stop any form of bleeding, just in case you clipped the nails too quick or too deep.

It is very important that any form of bleeding must be stopped in dogs, to prevent future infections and to make the dog comfortable when touching or digging the ground with its paws. The electric clipper is normally recommended but make sure you choose the right blade such as Oster blade. The electric clipper must be of low noise and vibration to ensure that the dog remains comfortable.

Pay Attention to the Ears

Though the dog can clean itself but not as perfect as having someone do that for him. The inner ears are some of the most difficult places on the dog’s body that must be properly cleaned to avoid infection, bleeding and other health issues. You should consider choosing Otic solution, gauze, and Forceps for ear cleaning. The Otic solution is known to be a powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal solution that can be applied in drops to the dog’s ear to stop bleeding and some other forms of infections. You can also make use of the gauze and forceps to pick any insect, tick, or flea inside the dog’s ear. Gauze and forceps are designed to reach deeper into ears; hence they can help in getting rid of unwanted materials from the ears of the animal.

Avoid Heat During Drying and Brush the Dog’s Teeth Once a Week

Plagues can build around a dog’s teeth faster than it builds on human teeth; this is the reason why you should schedule a routine tooth brushing for the animal. When plagues are allowed to build around the teeth, the dog may develop gum problems.

When brushing put the dog, make sure you pay attention to patches on the skin, they are indicators of dead hair that must be removed. Tangles and mats must also be examined and removed during brushing.

Once bathing is completed, you should dry the body of the animal by using a dog dryer or towel. When using a human dryer, do not turn on the heat.

Pay Attention to the Color of the Dog’s poop and pee

The color of the dog poop and pee can signify several internal issues. Though, some may be as a result of a sudden change in the dog’s diet. Green colored poop may mean a high presence of green vegetables, while a reddish poop may signify internal bleeding. Other problems such as worm attack and indigestion can also cause a serious discoloration to the dog’s poop and pee that only a veterinarian can diagnose and proper treatment can be recommended. Rapid defecation may also mean there is an underlying problem.

Pay Attention to the Eye Strains

You should consider clearing any eye strains if found. The constant formation of eye strains can also signify the onset of some problems; hence you should seek the help of a doctor in such cases. In addition to this, you should pay attention to all kinds of wounds, lacerations and bruises on the dog’s body, they can be the ideal opening for a more serious problem when ignored. For more information on conducting proper check during grooming of your dog, please check out


Perhaps the most important dog grooming step you must not ignore is a regular veterinary routine checkup. Medical conditions such as internal bleeding, constipation and worm infections can be hidden in your dog for a very long time without detection. You should pay attention to a sudden aggressive behavior in your dog, it could be a sign of discomfort. At the veterinarian hospital, the doctor examines all sense organs of the dog and may also perform some blood and fluid tests collected from the animal for a more thorough investigation. Keeping your dog’s medical record can also be very important in sticking to his medical routine.

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