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How Much is an Invisible Dog Fence?

How Much is an Invisible Dog Fence?

As a pet owner, you try to provide your pets a life full of quality as much as possible, and, in most cases, it includes offering your pets a safe area to enjoy outside the house. An invisible fence can give that safety and freedom to your pet that you want for your pets.

Invisible fences have added an outstanding value to the entire pet fencing system, especially for the dogs, as they are prone to go outside more than many other pets. Dogs are way too responsive and inquisitive to anything, and, as a result, they have possibilities of getting endangered when leaving the yard.

An invisible fence ensures your dog safety in addition to offering it a wider space to roam, which keeps your dog happy and healthy. And, interestingly, the high-tech system comes with less costing than many conventional dog fencing systems. But how much is an invisible dog fence actually?

Types of Invisible Dog Fence

To know the answer, you need to know the types of invisible dog fences, as the price may vary based on their types. Generally, invisible fences are available in two different forms – wireless and wired. They have some features common among them, in addition to some distinctive features that have made them different from each other.

Wireless Invisible Dog Fence Price

Wireless dog fences are the most common form of invisible dog fence nowadays. A wireless fence comes with a central unit (transmitter) and a dog neck collar. The transmitter either may be run by battery or direct electricity. Collars may also come with rechargeable or replaceable batteries. It may also come with training kits, including flags.

However, the wireless models of invisible electric fences are more affordable compared to the counter “wired models”. You’ll find a wireless system at any price between $200 and $400. The price actually varies based on their features, covering range, including attachments.

That is not the only cost. Indeed, you’ll not need to spend on professional installation for a wireless unit, but you will be required to invest for some other reasons. If the batteries (transmitter and/or collar) are disposable, stay prepared to spend around $35 to $40 per year. You’ll also need to maintain the collar efficiently, and that may cost you an amount of $15 to $20 once in a couple of years. Unfortunately, a few models don’t include a collar or other attachments such as flag stands. In that case, a separate $150 for the collar and $50 for the flag set will be required.

So, on average, a wireless invisible dog fence may cost something around $500 to $1000 in its lifetime, if things go as advertised by the manufacturer.

Wired Invisible Dog Fence Price

Wired invisible dog fences have some other familiar names – underground dog fence, in-ground dog fence, and hidden dog fence. Compared to wireless models, they are expensive. You’ll find a wired invisible dog fence at a price within $400 to $1000.

Like wireless units, they also come with a central unit (transmitter) and a collar with some attachments like a wireless unit. The key difference between them is that a wired unit includes wires to be installed under the ground.

The transmitter has pretty much the same structure with some distinctive features necessary for a grounded system. You can buy the entire system, wire, collar, or each of the parts or attachments separately. But for additional wires, you need to spend independently.

The price of a transmitter may vary from $150 to $500 based on their strength. If you need only 2 acres of area coverage, the transmitter may cost around $150, while a $500 will be good enough to buy a powerful transmitter covering over 100 acres.

Most of the wired systems include rechargeable batteries, so you’ll require almost no cost for the transmitter or collar batteries. If they go out of performance, only then you should replace them, and that might not happen once or twice in the entire lifecycle of the system.

But, a substantial cost to be paid for the installation of the system, especially placing the wires under the ground. Perhaps, professional assistance will be much required here for most of the fence buyers. Fence manufacturers have their installation service department in many areas from where you can get the professional installation of your system. Or even you may take assistance from your local installation experts. For the service, companies or local experts may charge you any amount between $800 to $2000. Charging varies primarily based on the area covered by your fence.

So, on average, wired invisible dog fences may cost something around $1200 to $3000, including installation charge. They have less yearly fee unless it causes trouble. If they start troubling, that can also be expensive. For instance, troubleshooting will require expert assistance, all wire may need to be replaced, and each of them is costly.

Wireless or Wired – Which One Should You Prefer

It is quite a tough question to answer, and at the same time, easy. We don’t want to go any tough to understand type explanations. If you want a dog containment with freedom at an affordable price, go for the wireless models. On the other hand, go for the wired (to be grounded) models if you need a compact dog containment with freedom, and you have sufficient money to spend.

Last Words

Both have different pricing ranges, and both have their benefits and demerits. However, both of them are quite smart to offer the best possible containment to your beloved dog or other pets. They will make your try to provide your pets a life full of quality, as much as possible, true by offering the pets a safe area to enjoy outside your house.

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