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Moving With Pets: How To Make The Transition Easier For Them

While you might be so excited about your upcoming move, your pets might not feel the same way as you do. Typically, relocating to a new house can pose a big challenge to your furry friends and, in extreme cases, can cause anxiety and bad behavior. Luckily, there are ways that can help you make the relocation a calmer experience for them.

Moving With Pets: How To Make The Transition Easier For Them

So, if you’re moving with pets any time soon, below are the tips to consider to make the transition easier for them.

1. Prepare The Medical Records

When moving to a new place, you’ll more likely not be able to work with the same veterinarian for your pets. Because of this, schedule a final appointment to your current vet and get your furry companions checked. Before leaving the clinic, don’t forget to secure copies of their medical records and discuss the things you need to know to make the process less stressful to your pets. These can include the prescription drugs required during the travel and many more.

Moreover, it’s essential to find the right veterinarian before your arrival. Start doing your research now, and make sure to hire the one who can handle your pets’ needs. Once you arrive in your new place, set an appointment with the new vet so they can get acquainted with your animals.

2. Maintain Your Pets’ Routine Through Your Move

As mentioned, changing houses can stress your pets out, especially when their daily routine is disrupted. That said, try to keep your routine as much as possible to create less disruption as you move to your new home.

For example, if you feed and walk your pets at the same time on a daily basis, you need to keep up with that routine to help them feel assured and reduce the anxiety they might have because of the undertaking.

3. Remove Your Pets From Action

During the moving day, the best way to make the transition easier for your pets is to exclude them from the action. This means keeping them in a quite area where they can stay while you’re busy with the relocation tasks. Make sure the place is empty and free from the chaos brought about by moving.

Also, don’t forget to check the temperature before leaving them and, more importantly, provide water and food enough for their consumption. And despite your hectic schedule, check in on them from time to time to ensure they’re okay while the move is going on.

4. Hire A Professional Moving Company

If you can’t compromise the comfort and safety of your pets during the relocation, then hiring a reliable moving company can be an excellent option. With experienced movers and packers on your side, they’ll handle the logistics of the entire moving process while you pay attention to your pets’ needs.

Ideally, most moving companies have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to execute a move. Even if you’re relocating with pets, they’ll make sure that your transition will go smoothly as much as possible.

5. Keep Your Pets Safe

Sometimes, your pets tend to wander away from new homes due to anxiety, and as a result, they might get lost along the way. To keep them safe, change the address on their tags before the moving day. If they’re microchipped, don’t forget to update the contact info in the database. By doing these, you’ll never have to worry about your pets getting lost in your new city.

6. Designate An Area In Your New Home

Before you move to your new home, look for areas where you can keep your pets to ensure the consistency of your routine. Determine where you can place their water and food bowl and the areas where they can play around.

By figuring out these friendly areas before you get to your new place, you can reduce the anxiety they might feel due to their new environment. Also, having a consistent space for your pets allows them to get used to your new home.


By following these tips, you can make your pets’ transition to your new home less stressful. While the changes can upset them, always remember that they’ll run to you for comfort. Try to make your new place a home and help them survive the adjustment process in no time. And to make this happen, seek help from a long distance moving company for a successful and hassle-free relocation.

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